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7/14/2016 c4 1Lavi1443
Reading about Gab getting all nervous and jumpy is wonderful. The beginning of the chapter was fine! It wasn't boring or anything, so don't feel bad about simply adding some details about everyday's life that doesn't involve bromance directly.
The chapter was awesome :)
7/8/2016 c3 AbyssScript
I really like your story so far. Please continue to post the chapters. I do have to admit that I think the protagonist is a bit of a jerk. I hope he isn't like that around anyone but that Barrett guy. Val, on the other hand, is kind of awesome.

Does this guy really need to go into work? I feel like it would be better for him to take a sick day and let his face heal a little more. Not quite sure what he does for a living, but looking like that probably won't be helpful for whatever he is trying to do. More than that though, I wonder just what kind of conversation those two are going to have. He really should apologize for being a jerk. Of course, such an outcome is highly unlikely, especially at this time. Oh well. I'll know when you post the chapter, which I look forward to. Thanks.
7/8/2016 c3 Guest
I definitely think he has a write to be angry and shouldn't just forget about it.

Barrett's words were interesting though. Jumping from defensive to attacking to sorry. Reading between the lines
He had home life problems he took out in school , and at the end he admitted to knowing Gabriel so .. Homophobic parents or his own struggles with his feelings? Maybe he liked Gabriel? Dunno but it's interesting, but honestly he had no right to try the sob story since that doesn't excuse actions . Looking forward to the next!
7/8/2016 c3 Lavi1443
I can't wait to see their meeting :)
7/5/2016 c2 2Chrislovesstories
Woww it's good. Keep writing!
7/4/2016 c1 4LynnReneeEvans
Whoa! Excited to read more, so don't go disappearing! 3
7/4/2016 c2 1Lavi1443
I loved the update. Your characters acted very realistic, which is awesome, because now I actually feel a connection to them and want to see what happens next.
Hope to see more of your story soon :)
7/2/2016 c1 Lavi1443
It was very well written so far :) I'll make sure to read the rest, so please update
7/1/2016 c1 Guest
Very excited to see how this plays out!
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