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1/13/2017 c12 blu sclera
Dear friend
Hope u r doing well... My theory papers r over...well I pray that i could pass those papers ... now i' m waiting 4 another nightmare.. that's. the practicals...well i really. don't know why i'm rampling like this...OK...i just thought i would say hi...
1/12/2017 c12 snazzyunicorn
(i'm writing this review from my phone so pardon the lack of capitalization.) aw, i'm sad there was no orion featured in this chapter, but he better make an appearance in the next chapter! i hope you find the motivation to write again soon because i love your writing, and i really want to read what happens next.

and of course she would volunteer at the local animal hospital, idk what else i expected LMAO that's so cute and i can't wait until she convinces orion to volunteer with her

y'all melody said yes at the end. im SHOOK. she admits she and orion kissed yaaaAAAAAASSSSS
1/5/2017 c12 Blu Sclera
Dear Lilchany,
Thank U sooooo much 4 ur reply...I'm touched...i feel as if.. i am in cloud 9... don't worry. ..I like this chapter ..i am wondering how Melody is going 2convince Henry...
well i hope she escapes from Bianca safely...my exams r still going on ..wish me luck ..Pray 4 me...HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)
1/4/2017 c12 2Eyrine
I just read all the chapters in one go! I love how cleverly written this is, I caught myself smiling and even laughing. Waiting for more!
1/2/2017 c12 Highnessness
I love your story! :)
Please keep on updating
Melody is totally awesome!
1/2/2017 c12 Guest
happy new year and cant wait for more
please update soon
12/29/2016 c12 cat10985
Love this story! Can't wait for another update to find out what will happen! And I can't wait for them to kiss again! Or something (wink wink) ! They are sooo cute together and I want to hear about his hard times and more about her because you can tell she I neglected.. which is super sad but I understand with what happens to her brother. Anyways hope for and update soon!
12/29/2016 c12 Lili
I am so happy you finally got a chance to update. I have been checking my phone for email alerts every day!
12/29/2016 c12 TheVelvetQueen
Lol you must have so much fun writing Melody as I do reading her. Her mental rants are so funny. And she gets the struggle of trying to flip a bun lol. She understands. Looking forward to more :)
12/29/2016 c12 16anonymousvoice
I quite enjoyed this chapter actually, but it does bring up the question: how did anyone find out they kissed?
12/23/2016 c11 snazzyunicorn
BRUH I just realized I never reviewed this because finals happened, but I loved this chapter, which is basically what I say about every chapter, but this one was extra-long and exclusively between Orion and Melody. Below is my review.

Ahh, the aftermath of the kiss. He thinks so hard about Melody and even tries to get a sidechick to alleviate his problems. That’s totally gonna bite him in the ass later, or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.

And when he said “He would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he had enjoyed every second of it”? HHHHHHHNNNNNGGGG BYE. (Translation: I need MORE thoughts like that!) I love how much he cares for her and how he’s just the right degree of persistent to the extent he leaves said sidechick to see her, because we all know Melody is his main chick. He notices she’s not wearing a sweater with a cat or dog on it and he is absolutely wrecked inside. Damn, /I/ even felt his pain.

I was also sad when we finally found out the story behind the treehouse and kids toys in the backyard, but I’m glad there was some intimate touching as a result, but I mean, I would prefer if they were that intimate without sad stories. Speaking of stories, I still wanna know what Orion’s tattoos mean, so don’t leave me hanging!

I’m hoping your finals went well! You’re doing a fantastic job. I look forward to more chapters in the future.
12/23/2016 c9 blu sclera
Are ur exams over? Mine will start on 27 December ...hope u r doing well
12/21/2016 c10 Guest
So excited for he next chapter. I love this story so much
12/19/2016 c11 tlotliso ntanzi
well actually plz update/post
i mst say it is 1 hell of a nyc novel. absolutely luvd it
12/13/2016 c11 blu sclera
Ur story is amazing ...unique ... cute ... Melody and Orion always. brings smile. to my face ...THANK U SO MUCH ...BEST OF LUCK FOR UR FINALS ...(actually i'm also having my final internal assessment exams in my college ...)
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