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for Daring the Good Girl

11/19/2016 c1 Giselle
Refreshingly different. Lovely characterisation. Keep on the good work.
11/18/2016 c7 amelia125
I love this story so far. It's so funny and entertaining, I can't wait to see what happens next!
11/17/2016 c3 2Neo Rulez
I love it! Great chapter! Very interesting can't wait to see what happens next!
11/17/2016 c2 Neo Rulez
Lol Melody poured coffee on jer ot was hilarious! Love it! :)
11/17/2016 c7 Who cares21
Hi! I actually really enjoyed the chapter and can't wait to read if Orions accepts the challenge or not;) I think that your doing a great job so far and you never fail to make me laugh!
11/17/2016 c7 Lili
YES! Finally I waited forever for an update! :D
11/17/2016 c7 1hannahward
Just found this story and I think it's brilliant! A very amusing read :)
11/13/2016 c6 Guest
I really need to know what happens!
11/9/2016 c6 13Shailaputri
I feel that someone as innocent as Melody needs someone great. not the playboy Orion. She deserves better one than him.
11/5/2016 c6 3TheClosetWriter16
I'm enjoying this a lot! :D
10/31/2016 c1 4scarlet53
Good story
10/30/2016 c6 1Xx-eiznekcam-xX
I really love this story. It makes me laugh out loud when i read it. It's awesome keep it up.
10/30/2016 c6 Lili
OMG! That was funny but what made her so sad!
10/27/2016 c5 Who cares21
I don't I've ever laughed so much reading a story on here before!:) I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait to see what orions next dare is.. Please update soon.
10/26/2016 c1 Valeria730
Love the story hope you continue with it
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