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2/22/2023 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hi. I'm from a fast-growing online reading platform. Currently, we are looking for new authors to join us. Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest~
11/22/2016 c1 Red
I would start the chapter/beginning of the book from "I turned onto another road and soon red and blue lights were flashing..." And then go on to explain who character is, college, aunt etc" Starting with excitement/action will entice readers and draw them in.
11/10/2016 c1 4eyedintrovert
Very suspenseful. Keep up the great work.
8/6/2016 c16 Guest
Wow man..this is really good..
I like the last bit you threw in with the infected and what they really are.
looking forward to reading more
7/30/2016 c14 livinginmymindgirl
This is such an amazing story. I love the plot and the writing is great. I can't believe Louis and Rae lost so much, so sad. I'm happy they still have each other. The new group of people they are with now seem like good people. It's good they found them it seems they were heading down a bad path of losing hope before they met them. I hope The Community is real. I can't wait to see what happens next!
7/27/2016 c13 Guest
DUDE.. I'm loving this story! Keep up the good work..
7/8/2016 c3 mandywhitrod
ch2&3 have wrong format. Ch1 was ok ... need to re-post

Story good so far

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