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for Pieces of me

11/6/2018 c15 17The DarkCat
Cute poem! Thank you for this collection, dear author!
11/6/2018 c13 The DarkCat
Saddening... I think I noticed something...The writing style has changed, nad the powms became longer and much deeper for the better actually, compared to the poems that were written a few years ago . Although the rhyming disappeared... Ahh... :( ok that's nice and it's just a different writing style. But I still miss the rhyming...
11/6/2018 c12 The DarkCat
Beautiful poem.. Though unlike the cheery, warm atmosphere in the beginning the last part made me wonder... The whole world is staring while a person is in love with his/hers passion... I got the impression that the surrounding world is critiquing, dismissing a love for a thing... Anyway liked it, especially the last part!
11/6/2018 c11 The DarkCat
Cute indulging in the past! I liked the idea of not being able to let go of the past... True...
11/6/2018 c7 The DarkCat
Simple beauty! I liked the whole idea that people can destroy and change the world, yet why do they choose the former one... Anyway nice I liked it! Keep writing!
11/6/2018 c6 The DarkCat
I quite liked it, it was nice, though why didn't the last line rhyme? Anyway thumbs up!
11/6/2018 c1 The DarkCat
I liked it, you have talent! I'll go read more! :D

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