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for Hellekern's Hunt

12/21/2018 c7 Morrie Moon28
Good story not especially frightening but a good representation of the old legends
perfect for Christmas
12/23/2016 c7 Meg the Scarecrow
Great ending Loved the way Oliver dealt with the Golddigger and as for Ames He certainly got what he deserved Very appropriate punishment
12/22/2016 c6 Meg the Scarecrow
Simply loving it. Ames is definitely not going to be on Santas nice list
12/22/2016 c5 Meg the Scarecrow
What? What? My god! Is he going to murder his wife on Christmas? The Ratface
12/16/2016 c4 Meg the Scarecrow
Oliver should be proud of Tony especially as he's forked out so much cash to get the information he needs for his case
12/13/2016 c3 Meg the Scarecrow
Love the arguments between Tony Oliver So funny
12/6/2016 c2 Meg the Scarecrow
Heee heee Oliver is the real villain in this story I think is brother is going to blow up sky high when he discovers what his brother is planning
11/29/2016 c1 Meg the Scarecrow
Looking forward to seeing how it develops but you need to address your spelling errors

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