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4/1/2017 c23 4Team Kaitlyn
listen can we have a little bit of real talk here because i think you need to hear it

i know i told you this a couple days ago but i honestly think that pm is one of the greatest goddamn things. it's so clever and the imagery is so incredible and the SYMBOLISM, i have no idea how you do that. it's so subtle and if i didn't have the wherewithal to google things out of curiosity i would not even KNOW how clever it really is. honestly - i know you think i'm biased but i wasn't biased when i first met you, and i have been blown away by how incredibly this has changed over the years. IT'S SO GOOD SO SHHH.

anyway please don't make my thomas cry he is a tiny little saint and i love him, i hope he does not cry anymore unless it is absolutely necessary. also sometimes i really wonder if i'm actually like rio, mostly because i've never had anyone die that i love but when i think about it i'm not really sad? like, i'm sad, but i'm afraid that like, if my grandmother died i wouldn't cry. but it's nice to know i'm not the only one. thanks rio.

also anthony FUCKING schuler
3/26/2017 c22 it
did you know there's a character limit for you review name? that's wild. what if you have a long name? strange.

anyway, i would like to start this review off with a list of things i can relate to:

2. pancakes
3. "very astute"

these were great things. i don't know why you hate this story so much because i frankly love it, and actually this is one of my favorite chapters that you've posted. it was so nice and flowy!

tom u need to get ur shit together. honestly, son, you need help. i know u said he freaks out at his audition but i hope it's not as bad as what i am expecting.

love anthony schuler
3/8/2017 c21 hi
it took me three hours to read this chapter because it kept emotionally compromising me.

I love Thomas Keits more than I love mermaids and I hope that he and Jadyn have a good sleepover bc damn that was cute

now onto the real treasure

3/7/2017 c20 it me
honestly if tom could just stop having problems we'd all be having a better time but what do i know

I hope that Ryan sasses inspector bitch after this show of dominance and meanness because frankly she deserves it. also I hope Harper is behind that mirror with Cecelia because she's probably saying some GREAT zingers and Cecelia is probably real mad

harp: remember how you always said I was emotionally unstable
Cece: Harper please
harp: remember Cecelia

anyway I hope shit gets cleared up for tom and I hope Cecelia gets to beat the shit out of Kozo soon hooray!
3/4/2017 c1 maybelletea
Holy. freaking. heck.

so I just happen to go on fiction press on a whim after not browsing for years and I'm thinking about this mystery horror story set in my favorite kind of place (almost eternally snowy area) that I read in high school that I remember for some reason got taken down and I LOVED it so much

I go into the mystery section just because maybe I'll find something else similar and I just happen to stumble upon the literal same story finally reposted a few months ago? what even are the odds. I'm so happy this story is back in my life
1/29/2017 c19 Team Kaitlyn
TOOooooOoooOoooooooooooooOOOOM why do bad things keep HAPPENING to you my sweet baby angel UGH

actually I'm supes pumped because I remember getting an rq of this back in November and it was fucking BOMbing I remember how interested I was in reading omg


if the rcmp is there were is Ryan I demand his presence ok update soon xox
1/22/2017 c18 Katelyn
Damn girl u know my weakness is religious imagery and u did real good man real goddamn good

Not Rio was scary, but not as scary as the devil. I missed that guy. He was the bomb. Also, I have a lot of emotions about tom and I am so sad that he ever tried to hurt himself because he is a good even if he doesn't believe it

Update again

1/22/2017 c17 Katelyn
At first when he was writing the music I thought that he was actually writing down that shit show of a hallucination and I got REAL worried that the cops were gonna find that ant somehow

But then you assuaged my fears

Also okay I know tom is sometimes not the sharpest tool in the shed but that 'COME ON.' text was shady af and I mean ain't anyone ever gonna convince me that's normal operating procedure for anyone let alone Rio but like who am I

Kozo I love u but u gotta relax that's not v nice of u to be doing. Don't let ur boy tom fall down a hole. You live in Canada. That's not polite

Update or die
1/2/2017 c16 katelyn
wow ok tom try and contain a little less self-loathing idk and maybe you'd feel better gosh

i really liked this chapter because a) dialogue on point as usual, i got a real kick out of the 'so, i'm going to be honest, you look awful' line. it me. b) ryan. c) ryan AND thomas. d) i like that tom thinks he's fooling anyone into believing he doesn't have a heart melting crush on riocard martinez idk. e) 'because i'm a dad. it's kind of a dad thing, i guess' my dad senses r tingling

i think that the rest of the story should just be ryan and tom interacting. that's fair right.

update soon.

12/26/2016 c15 8Shade the Viridescent
Oh christ the torture stuff is so hard to read. I think I actually skimmed it bc I saw some key words and went 'nope I am about to go to bed I do not need this in my life'. So it's more of a vague horror for me right now. And god, this is just gonna screw Thomas up so bad. Huzzah for Harper! Coming in clutch with the saving from the cold and the not asking too terribly many questions beyond establishing safety and necessity for medical attention!

Also I am SO MAD (but not really) for that Ryo ficlet bc it has TAINTED Ryan for me. TAINTED I TELL YOU

Thanks for updating, chica, please do so again soon~
12/26/2016 c14 Shade the Viridescent
i love oliver he is my favorite i am sorry i didn't review the last chapter and this isn't really a review but i needed to say that ok i will leave a proper review on the next chapter
12/26/2016 c15 4Team Kaitlyn
let me preface this with the following statement:


i am so fucking pumped about this because LOOK AT THEM ALL INTERACTING! I love that we included each other's characters in our rewrites because it adds depth and makes our transitions easier when we coauthor again BUT ALSO BECAUSE I GUILTILY LOVE SEEING YOU WRITE MY CHILDREN, IT IS AN AFFLICTION I WILL NOT APOLOGIZE FOR

also I'm really sorry for Thomas having these awful hallucinations because damn son, kid is already messed up, doesn't really need anymore, but whatevs

also I was feeling really happy and frisky and good until I fucking read that torture stuff. At least I wasn't eating scalloped potatoes again.

Best bit: "Can Mrs Cece open hers? I picked it out, Mrs Cece, but I let them put their names on it, too, so it's 'from all of us', but really it's from me. Just me. Not them."

my baby has attitude

12/25/2016 c14 Team Kaitlyn
its ok tom, i drool too. also i love that he was laying in their laps and i'm real jealous that tom was getting a nice hair rub from penny. if sOMEONE would give me hair rubs, i would be so pleased.

i'm really worried abt tom's dreams. i hope that he gets better, but i know you, and i know that he's not going to, so don't know what i'm expecting


best bit - penny asking if he was going to kill himself. don't ask.

12/25/2016 c13 Team Kaitlyn
i really loved this chapter and now i'm suffering

honestly what i loved the most was the development of tom and rio's friendship and omg, he loves him he loves him he loves him and the coLD FEET ON THE BACK I'M CRYIN. i hope that his chest heals, and i super appreciate that rio covers for tom bc like


love u

but ur boy just needs to suffer alone for a lil bit

also 'here i was thinking it was because you grew to be six hundred feet tall and you almost smothered me every time you rolled over' is my favorite line in the entire universe. how tall does he think ryan is

gr8 chapter post another one ok love u

12/24/2016 c12 8Shade the Viridescent
*pterodactyl screech* what's better than this boys bein dudes and emotionally supporting each other and cuddling and talking (at least mostly) honestly about their feelings i love this

thanks for updating, please do so again soon!
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