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2/15/2020 c19 18Sir Scott
I'm sorry things didn't work for Fossil and it seems like a tough prophecy to fulfill.
~Sir Scott
2/15/2020 c1 LDF
So is this a parody? With all the random capitalization, tone, dialogue, the ridiculousness of the setting, I can't help but think of it accordingly.
5/18/2019 c18 Sir Scott
I'm glad Blut finally got what was coming to him. Although, I'm not sure if that makes Fossil evil or even an anti-hero.
~Sir Scott
5/17/2019 c17 Sir Scott
The last sentence should be They're on to us. And you repeated the word of a few times. Poor Blut he needs to get something besides yes men.
~Sir Scott
5/13/2019 c16 Sir Scott
At least he did not give up his secret. I look forward to the Geisha sister's story.
~Sir Scott
5/9/2019 c16 1Morrowseer
This was cool, can’t wait for another chapter because usually after a time skip something exciting happens
4/20/2019 c15 Morrowseer
I’ll wait patiently for more chapters then
4/16/2019 c1 trashman
This story is incredibly hard to read, not to mention being very confusing and having constant tone changes. Chapter 1 is clearly meant to interest the reader but in reality it just gives me whiplash because it came out of literally nowhere and is absolutely hilarious.
4/15/2019 c15 18Sir Scott
Good chapter. Fossil does have a point about the humans on his world.
~Sir Scott
4/11/2019 c14 1Morrowseer
Dunkel actually sounds hilarious. Like someone mixed the words drunk, uncle, and knuckle all together to make the word Dunkel. And the story itself is getting pretty good I can’t wait for more chapters to come out.
4/11/2019 c13 Morrowseer
Yes the story is really picking up now
4/11/2019 c12 Morrowseer
Now that he’s a Shaman I wonder where the story will lead.
4/5/2019 c11 Morrowseer
I like the story but I do think the chapters should be longer because it’s better to read that way and have more stuff to it like a published chapter book.
4/5/2019 c10 Morrowseer
I feel like your story is missing something though. I can’t exactly think of it now but I will later maybe.
4/5/2019 c9 Morrowseer
This story is strange though sometimes
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