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for Shadows

2/24/2017 c1 2493BNMill
This is an interesting little piece. The lack of names doesn't hurt, either. The size of this, and the whirlwind of questions this unnamed woman is contemplating is a struggle many know. She seems to be an intellectual woman, who knows she is losing but is still fighting an uphill battle.

My only complaint would be the fact it seems to cut off at the end. Kind of like there was more, but it just isn't here. Cliff-hanger, I suppose. Still good. Also thought-provoking.

After all, how would a shadow fight a shadow?
12/18/2016 c1 70BradytheJust

I'm speechless here, but I can say that with certainty this is the best story you have ever written. Everything from the contrast between shadows and light, truth and lies, and having someone to keep you safe when the world turns upside down... perfection.

And if there is one thing I've learned from my own answer to your ending question. Sometimes we must work in the dark to serve the light and we fight with anything at our disposal. We can't destroy darkness, but we can keep it from gaining power over us.

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