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2/3/2018 c1 97rust phoenix
This is beautifully written and deeply moving. The use of repetition fits the stalwart nature of the lighthouse, and you show an incredible range of emotion without having to spell them out. The language and imagery are lovely and the rhythm pulses like the waves you describe. The recurrent motifs of light and darkness also tie the piece together very beautifully. Well done.
2/3/2018 c1 44Torey Hylton
Oh my goodness, this was such an incredible and original piece of writing. I have never read a story about a lighthouse and I'm glad I came upon this. I've stayed in a lighthouse before when I went on holiday. My family stayed underneath in the cottage but I slept in the tower and I felt something up there, so strong and powerful, kind of like a haunting. I would often climb up the ladder into the observation deck and look out at the sea and stars. It was incredible. I'm so glad I found this piece of writing!
1/28/2018 c1 7lizardbreath914
I thought it would be a great idea to play gentle harp music in the background. I was sucker punched. Still, it's rare to find a tragedy that's earned its tragic ending, so I think it was worth it.
8/27/2017 c1 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
A unique idea and very well-executed, with vivid imagery and rather genuine pathos. Very sad but beautiful.
7/1/2017 c1 2SquareRootOf-1
Wow. I like this story you've written. Short yet powerful, it tells a story from the unique perspective of an inanimate object. Ironically, you managed to give the lighthouse a life of its own as it recounts the tale of the keeper and his wife. Very well done.
6/23/2017 c1 25Jaya Avendel
Beautiful story. The lighthouse has a mind but is unable to do anything physically. Poor Thomas, loosing his family like that. I guess he found one last way to cause the lighthouse hurt when he committed suicide off it.
6/22/2017 c1 21Marina x Machina
This was a very different kind of story...your style seems more unique and, for this particular piece, fits the inanimate, stoic tone of a kighthouse perfectly. I apologize for giggling a little immaturely at "the first time they were together within me, and were full of each other's scent." Otherwise, well done, I am impressed with your dedictaion to build a narrative and finish it.
6/16/2017 c1 1Cheddar-Graham
It's so sad and yet it's beautiful as well. You left me goosepimply and melancholic, more so since your tone and content echoes what I'm going through right now in RL. Thank you for sharing.
2/1/2017 c1 71Bob Evans
This has a beautiful flow of words and sounds. Honestly, the way the various lines read stuck out to me more poignantly than the story. And the story was an emotional ride in and of itself! Excellent work; excellent prose.

~Bob Evans
1/31/2017 c1 2493BNMill
This was bloody sad. The POV of a lighthouse. I was not expecting this, but I see the logic of it. It would be tragic, being the witness of countless deaths and disaster. Things made by man will often outlive the ones who built it and outlive the ones who look after it in the years that come.
12/20/2016 c1 6AngryFerrets
I enjoyed this immensely. It was dark, it was haunting, and full of heartache. A very powerful emotional piece of writing that tugged and tugged on the heart strings.

You've done an exceptional job of portraying the varying emotions and how the lighthouse adjusts to our ever changing human lives and our unpredictability. And in the end we will all return and become sand...no matter the math, stone, or necessity.

Thanks for sharing this hauntingly beautiful piece of writing.
12/19/2016 c1 70BradytheJust
Lorrah, I'm speechless...

This story was wonderful, telling the story from the perspective of the lighthouse was a unique twist and just made the whole story that much more beautiful. It was all about emotion with the lighthouse's anger, joy, sorrow, jealousy... and it just cut so much deeper.

I'm crying like a baby now, and if there is any word greater than perfection to describe this story... I think it's safe to apply it!

Keep on writing my friend, I need more of this amazing work!

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