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for The Smallest Elephant v2

1/30/2023 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hi. I'm from a fast-growing online reading platform. Currently, we are looking for new authors to join us. Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
6/5/2017 c3 Nugget
I'm new here but I really like this story so far. It's written in a way that isn't very common, so I like it. Keep it up!
2/2/2017 c1 Platinum Doll
I read the original of this story yeeeaars ago and just reread it today because nostalgia, and my goodness did I have a good time, but here you are, rewriting it :D I look forward to reading the new incarnation, and I wish you the best of luck in rewriting!
1/21/2017 c1 Asmile
...This is quite different from the original! (I've only read chapter one for both so far)
But just a quick and probably weird question... what's Keegan's ethnicity? I'm curious since I've mostly read gay stories with white leads and it's a breath of fresh air whenever I stumble across something else. :)

Either way, it doesn't matter that much. Hope you find the motivation to revamp the whole thing! (Though I'm extremely surprised you did :O)
1/2/2017 c1 FlashFire705
Can't wait for the next chapter
12/31/2016 c1 bloodyM3lody
I just read the original version of this so I would know what changes you make. I really loved the original story and can't wait to see what you have in store for this one. I hope the new ending is good because the last one was really sad, I still enjoyed it though. Hopefully everything works out in the end this time! We shall see.
12/23/2016 c1 3Catkac
I remember the first version of this story vaguely. I eagerly await your revamping of the original.

''Jared Leto as the Joker hair'' - was Suicide Squad already being promoted in March 2016? I'm pointing it out as a maybe-error, sorry. In a year it won't even matter if the trailers were out or not then.

Good start and I hope you don't lose your drive for writing.

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