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for Contingency

1/3/2017 c2 3TheClosetWriter16
Loving this so far!
12/31/2016 c2 shinju asuka
Hahaha this will be crazy good! I hope the sender would come seeing her :D
12/31/2016 c2 1hannahward
Great chapter, looking forward to reading more :)
12/26/2016 c1 Woven Fray
Loving this already please update soon!
12/28/2016 c1 hannahward
Interesting start, I look forward to reading more :)
12/27/2016 c1 justanothergirlnextdoor
Great start! Can't wait to see where this goes...
12/26/2016 c1 shinju asuka
Ooh... Excited to find out who would pick it up!

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