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for Akatsuki (Vol 6)

5/30/2017 c5 4Mokii
Omg I can understand Chikako's frustration. I act exactly like her when I'm upset, just very quiet about it and then I explode. But she was very persistent in getting an answer from Tobi. I still feel bad for Tobi though :( just bottled all his feelings and they came out at once. Though maybe it was a good thing they did now rather than later.

Wait the week before... are we getting into why she committed suicide? 0.0 I've been waiting for this for a long time! Unless you decided to tease me with a cliffhanger and then not reveal what happens after xD

Not a lot to say since half of it was flashbacks and the other half was Tobi being stubborn and Chikako and Sadami yelling at him for being a baka and not realizing he has friends he can confide in. Tobi just let your friends help you D;
5/30/2017 c4 Mokii
My goodness, Noboru's the realest person in Akatsuki. He just says everything as it is, it's pretty fun to watch a character who's brutally honest. They phrase things so mean but then you can't say anything because they have a point.

Did Sadami just question his friendship with Tobi? D: Though, I think it's sort of a natural reaction to finding out secrets about your friends. I don't know how I would react if one of my friends had powers. Or if they were involved in something much bigger that they themselves didn't understand.

Why do I have this bad feeling that Tobi might go back to the same place? Or he just might find out something from that diary that will lead him somewhere else? I just have this nagging feeling xD

Aww, I hope Chiharu can help in some way. Maybe she can offer some advice
3/28/2017 c3 Mokii
"He sticks his chinchin up her o-manko" is the best line in Akatsuki. xD

So they basically want to make more New Humans, but for what purpose I wonder? Other than New Humans are the master race xD I feel like Kurosawa definitely wants something out of this. For now I feel like he wants fame for his work, which is why his employees are like tools to him. It could be something more down the road, but that's my theory for now

Some character development for Noboru! Well more like insight to how he thinks although he's smart, he's very impulsive. It sucks that he's basically been abused so much, nothing feels fun anymore except getting in trouble :( but the conversation between him and Akiko when he did the Rubix Cube was sweet.

The last part is making me wonder something but I might be wrong. I swear the last part is giving me the feeling either they might sexually abuse him if they find out he's reproductive or he's an asexual. He just seemed very worried and scared once he mentioned they're going to use them to make babies. I might be getting that vibe cause of Rosalie xD

Something's going to shake up the lab soon with Akiko, Dabuchi and Mitsuru. One of them is bound to do something x.x

Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
2/22/2017 c2 Mokii
Masato is back after quite a while! The way you describe him, especially in the first half. He isn't just the demon inside Tobi or his other half, he goes beyond that. If I didn't know, I'd thought he was his own character.

His personality compared to Tobi's; they're both secretive but Masato seems to be more quick to find answers. He did sound very lost and I think he was trying to find the other New Mutants. They're so different though, especially with how Masato treats his mutation and powers, he sees it as a way of controlling or overpowering people o.o

And poor Sadami, Tobi has a lot of explaining to do next chapter. The three of them are probably really confused as to what happened. Probably even more confused than usual since they just saw his friend's personality change into someone different. That was some quick thinking by Chikako there to play the music box.

I'm predicting a lot of questions and wtfs for the next chapter xD
12/30/2016 c1 Mokii
So now we know what's that abandoned place that the trio were in. And a bit about Kurosawa's backstory . I have a theory that it might be the lizard DNA gone wrong that produced New Humans. And that's why Kurosawa wanted them dead to keep quiet about what went on the old lab.

Is Tobi having another one of his episodes? D: One of his triggers seems to be Motoka, if that was the reason why it happened. I'm sure he thought of her when Chikako asked about having a mother-daughter bond. If Howl didn't even recognize him, then it must be worse than the last times...

And Mitsuru and Akiko! I think eventually Mitsuru will become allied with Akiko. If he's noticing now that Kurosawa is being more secretive, then I think he'll want to dig up. Let's see how this goes xD

And I think it's pretty effective, I think it does start the volume with a lot of questions, which you can answer throughout the volume. Though, I feel like the next chapter will be more exciting and interesting

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