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12/18/2018 c1 5T. D. Fagan
Hi, Specks,

This was fun! I was a little confused after the first few lines but then I noticed the italicization so I started over and it became clear that the two are essentially talking to each other. The wind feels so free and energetic while the little leaf just goes along, enjoying the ride until it ends, but is ready to be swept up in the air again if the opportunity arises.

I liked the structure you used but want to mention two points. The second line feels rushed, as if it needs to be a little linger for the rhythm to flow like the rest. You might consider adding a couple of words such as

“Where you [cling and] wave at me.”

These might help the rhythm and a word like cling/hang/ or similar ties in with the leaf’s response as it loses its grip and begins its journey.

This one’s picky but I’ll mention it: “comeback.” This should be two separate words in this context since as a single word it’s like catching up on the scoreboard after being far behind.

Very nice job. Thanks for sharing this.
1/17/2017 c1 81Princess-anna57
This is a really descriptive piece. I enjoyed reading it! Keep writing! :)

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