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6/6 c32 Guest
No updates? I can feel my hear twisting and getting to the verge of breaking.

Coming to the arc: it was unique, but i was expecting some more revelations about Emily and what transpired with Blight. And now Sarah too hints at it. The wait between updates is rather long so i guess that's why there's a feeling of incompleteness.

Anyway, take care. Stay healthy and stay safe
5/29 c31 Guest
Huh? What just happened? Waiting for the next chapter
5/25 c31 Guest
I love this story! Thank you so so so much for writing it, looking forward to the next chapter :))
5/15 c30 Guest
Yay! Many thanks for the update. Stay safe. I really like your characters
5/12 c30 zagato
Wonderful update, maybe they suspect that they are betrothed to each other.
2/28 c29 zagato
this is a wonderful story, hope you update within this year, thank you.
2/28 c24 zagato
this is a good scene
2/28 c3 zagato
maybe he is the magician.
2/28 c1 zagato
this is intriguing, maybe the inspector is the groom.
11/3/2019 c6 29Kinola
Interesting so far.
7/21/2019 c29 Guest
Like. Looking forward to seeing how your story progresses. Most chapters have been really engaging and I WANT MORE ;)
7/16/2019 c28 CrystaltheBookworm
Plenty of panic for everyone!
Wow. These two chapter have been very dark. (Though I must admit, you got the dark humor exactly right- I was chuckling all throughout the chapter.)
7/15/2019 c28 1CodenameRedKrystalMatrix
An...epiphany, you say? I rather appreciate your dry delivery style and sense of humour. Looking forward to more!
7/13/2019 c25 CrystaltheBookworm
There's also Walleen, and Femily!
Those are horrible ship names. They sound like Wall-e and Family.
Felily? Eh. that one doesn't sound like a combination of the two names.
Felix Wallis and Emily Greene...
There's just Emlix, without the extra I.
I think my favorite is Emilix. It sounds kind of like a prescription drug, but it also combines the grace of Emily and the sharpness of Felix. I think it might just be an acquired taste, but it is definitely my favorite.
Anyway, great chapter. Very eerie and spooky.
7/5/2019 c27 Guest
Yes i agree that the Blight arc was creepy. The banshee part though is the right mix of horror and comedy
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