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8/28/2018 c6 Ookamifemale001
This is great. You skills at writing are quite impressive. I'm a new-comer to this fictionpress world and am in desperate need of reviews and tips. Any possible advice you'd be willing to give would be greatly appreciated.
4/17/2018 c25 Efra
Hey this was awesome! Thank you for continuing!

This is soooo bad ass! Love this!
4/15/2018 c24 slcjnk2008
This was one hot steamy chapter for Philippe and Nadia. Where's my fan? I need to stop blushing now, enough said.
I think they'll be able to be happy now for the most part considering that Nicholas is no longer a threat but there's still the bigger threat from the Guild that they all still need to deal with in the future.
I was also excited to see that Nadia's vision has cleared up. I don't know why, but it bothered me that she was unable to see normally. I look around my world and it's astonishing the amount of plastic that is in nearly everything I see and Nadia couldn't. Okay, I'm empathizing I also loved the Imelda Marcos shoe reference. See you next chapter.
4/15/2018 c25 18Moonvibe
Another fantastic installment to a fantastic series!

I love the way this book ended with the promise of another exciting beginning. First off, this tale of Philippe and Nadia was just as enthralling as each book in the series thus far. I'm still thinking about that final showdown in the old chapel. ;) Bravo and congrats on completing yet another spellbinding tale within the framework of your ever expanding fictional universe. Your talented writing style and diverse imagination compliment each other in ways that both invigorate and infuse each book of your series with the absolute best storytelling elements.

It was heart rending to endure Dray and Shani's tortured good-bye, but with Marek's offer accepted I feel hopeful for their future. It's Saadir who needs to start paying close attention to his horoscope. ;) Marek's embarking on a noble and dangerous task, esp now that his binding stone is nothing more than dust. He'll have to start looking both ways before crossing the street now. ;)

And Alaric's revelation of Scorpion's true identity was gasp inducing. Unfortunately for him his dark fate has come full circle, and only now does he realize the potency of his ancient foe. It looks like now the mission is to be the first to find the Thunderstone and prevent hell on earth!

A truly gripping end to this awesome tale! I can only be excited and filled with anticipation for what the future holds for the Eternal series!
4/9/2018 c23 slcjnk2008
Great chapter. I loved the fight between Nicholas, Philippe and Nadia taking his aura and finally killing him. But oh my god, now they have their hands full with Morganna and Scorpion. Who is Scorpion? And how does Alaric know him? I'm looking forward to finding out.
4/9/2018 c22 slcjnk2008
Marcus makes me laugh with his behavior towards Brin and I feel for her having to deal with him. As for Shani, I wish she could get out of her situation soon. She should be with Dray and I can't wait till she's able to do so. And poor Nadia, she's walked right into Nicholas' trap. I hope they can get to her before he does something to her. I wonder if she can defend herself against him?
Great writing and storytelling, it's wonderful and exciting to read. Looking forward to the next chapter.
4/7/2018 c24 Moonvibe
That was one sultry romp, and it concluded with the true happiness and contentment of mate-hood. Nadia and Philippe truly deserve each other and they finally got the opportunity to revel in each other without haste, fear, or interruption. Their union does feel like the bonds of fate were finally loosed to free them of their solitaire confinement which up until this point their lives had been daily torment. Now they can both enjoy the pleasure of different kinds of bonds. ;)

This really was a steamy and a touching chapter. The erotic sensuality blended nicely with the sincere affection of two who have become one. Very nicely written and their lives have led perfectly to this moment since their introductions in the series. All of your careful plotting and development has once again paid off with a very genuine and satisfying pairing.

I did really like how Nadia could see Philippe's bubbling and brewing emotions through his aura too. If only we all had such a gift. ;) And the idea of using Alex as a guinea pig to test her soul-snatching ability is too good to pass up. I love Alex much, but it would be so fitting and so much fun to see Nadia coax him into a painful exhibition. Lol. I'm sure Alaric would enjoy it too. ;)

It was promising to find that her sight was improving too, even if it did take a bullet to the brain pan to initiate the improvement. Lol. An intriguing aspect of her new supernatural status is the idea that her abilities and powers are still relatively undiscovered. Her potential is uncharted and that may bode well for the Alliance in the future, even if it does put Philippe at odds with her choices. ;)

Great chapter!
3/30/2018 c23 Moonvibe
Wow! What an exhilarating chapter!

I think I need to catch my breath after that one. This was an exciting thrill ride that had me reminding myself to blink before my wide eyes dried up, but I didn't want to miss a thing! Lol.

First off, the old cemetery and chapel settings were gloriously rendered with gothic imagery and vivid details that had me high stepping in the tall grass with Nadia. It was a fitting and completely enthralling environment for the conclusion to Nicholas's reign of terror, and the resulting confrontation did not disappoint. Not in the least.

The battle of brothers was fierce, with Nicholas's enhanced abilities turning Philippe's heroic efforts into vain attempts of despair. The upper hand definitely belonged to Nicholas and his depravity and arrogance were never more evident than during his last stand. Thank goodness for Nadia and her soul-stealing abilities! It seems everyone's lack of understanding surrounding Nadia's untapped abilities played wonderfully into the ultimate demise of Nicholas.

Wow, Just wow. I really can't say enough about this chapter. It was simply exhilarating and this final showdown has been well worth the build up and wait. The pacing was heart poundingly good and the actions was so vividly displayed that winces, cringes, and evasive moves were experienced by all. ;) And the icing on the cake was the final revealing scene when Alaric went back for the ring. That was simply epic!

I loved the wit and humor here too, so masterfully placed as to compliment the plot and story, adding to it instead of distracting from it. From Dray's joke to Philippe's limp lettuce punches, you played to the tones and desperation of the unfolding events masterfully with your trademark wit. Your writing is as sharp as the blade that pierced Nicholas's chest. ;)

This chapter definitely rates at the top in regards to climatic battles and final confrontations within this series thus far. I thoroughly enjoyed every captivating and ghostly moment of it! Just a total, satisfying blast!
3/30/2018 c22 Moonvibe
Another excellent chapter!

It's always impressive to discover how you weave such a large and diverse cast into the plots of these magnificent tales, and this chapter is yet another shining example of your talented grasp. Nadia's anxiety-filled dilemma of waiting for word from Philippe gave the perfect opportunity at the party to mingle with some of the other characters.

It was clever too, how Grace's childhood simplicity offered Nadia a much needed solution to the perils of invisible plastics littering her environment. I do hope Grace takes Aunty Nadia's advice about repeating what comes out of Uncle Alex's mouth though, or there could be some time-outs in the adorable tykes future. Lol.

And as fun as Brin and Marcus's rousing encounter was, it was also very revealing. Sister Holly's story about their mum and her true mate added yet another grounding and insightful layer into the constant development of these all too relatable supernatural characters. As fantastic as their abilities and plights are, they are so marvelously human, or at least susceptible to the same frailties and choices which make our existence both rich and challenging. Marcus's inner wolf is the perfect example of desire and passion warring against sensibilities. Those two are destined for more memorable moments it seems. ;)

Just like the deepening plight with Shani, which Marek seems now fully invested in if only for curiosity's sake at this point, it's so enthralling to experience the dramatic reveals and tension building discoveries lurking in the lives of these characters. Shani's concerns about exposing Dray and his kind by succumbing to her desires and hopes to escape a troubled and miserable life speak to her selflessness and maturity, which also casts her in a light more deserving of rescue from said life. I can't wait for Marek to get more involved. ;)

And Nicholas has successfully hoodwinked Philippe to put his Mate in sure danger! The art of deception is certainly one of Nicholas's strong suits, and he's once again put everyone on red alert. Loved the ending to this chapter!

As always great writing and an insanely fun read! :)
3/13/2018 c21 slcjnk2008
Alaric and Alex are so amusing when they get together. I keep waiting for Alaric to just blast Alex with his powers, thankfully so far Alaric has restrained himself. And really, a Hawaiian shirt on Alaric? I really can't even picture that without laughing and my high opinion of him would go right out the window.
As for Shani and Dray, I care for them and feel so bad that it's an untenable situation that they will need to deal with individually. But I loved the innuendo that flowed all throughout their conversation.
I do see Nadia's insecurities, but given time, shouldn't she be able to develop the same abilities that Paige has? I hope so.
And finally now that Nicholas has said the trap is set, I'm so scared for everyone.
3/9/2018 c20 slcjnk2008
Loved it. Mrs P was so cool traumatizing Marcus and Callum like that. That was so much fun to read. And what is this with Marcus and Brin? Something to look forward to maybe? I was also very glad that Abby read Shani's mind and found out her secret. If anyone can help her it would be this group. Hopefully Saadir is not part of the guild; that would complicate matters seriously. And I truly hope that the party goes well for everyone with no disruptions. Finally, I seriously hope Shani will not go back to her husband and that kind of environment.
See you next chapter, Shelley
3/9/2018 c19 slcjnk2008
Terrific chapter. I can't get over how happy it makes me to see Nadia and Philippe together now. It just makes me smile every time I think of them; they have such great chemistry together.
Gustav's talk with Philippe was both funny and poignant, but he's still a wonderful dad to his girls and giving Nadia her mother's ring by way of Philippe, brought tears to my eyes.
Now, I can't wait to see what will happen during their meeting. It's kind of scary knowing they're going to go up against Scorpion, Morganna and Nicholas and I'm still worried about Marek getting back his binding stone.
See you next chapter, Shelley
3/7/2018 c18 slcjnk2008
This chapter was wonderful. It was like watching a normal (crazy normal) day in their lives despite the seriousness of the situation hanging over all their heads. I can't say I approve of Alex's idea of babysitting, but I do give him kudos for trying to be more responsible and the children and Tilly were all adorable in their own individual ways. I'm sure Shani and Yasmin are overwhelmed by it all and it's only just starting now that they're at the mansion, but my curiosity has been peaked for a while now. I'd like to find out more about each of their backgrounds and why Shani wanted Yasmin with her.
And then there's Nadia and Philippe, what can I say except ' daddy's home.'
See you next chapter,
3/3/2018 c17 Shelley
Hi, this was another great chapter. I had a smile on my face all the way through despite the seriousness of the situation. They were all so funny teasing Nadia the way they did and I loved having Anna and Hawke as their bodyguards on their trip.
I also wanted to let you know that a bought Eternal Possession Feb 10th and will be working on another review for Alex and Abby.
See you next chapter.
P.S. Thank you so much the the mention in your book, I'm truly honored.
3/4/2018 c21 Moonvibe
I loved the awkwardness of this chapter. Lol. Alaric's self-consciousness about his t-shirt, which was priceless imagery btw, and that almost cringe worthy start to Shani and Dray's conversation. Opening with the Vanessa affair was equal parts bold and embarrassing. I loved it! Lol.

It has become heart wrenching now to see Shani around Dray, having become sympathetic to her plight. I was so hoping she was going to spill it all to Dray, but tht kind of desperate confession doesn't come easy. And speaking of Dray, I couldn't believe his impulsive finger licking! I almost thought Shani was fantasizing for a moment. ;) The tension continues to build between them which makes for some cleverly good anticipation of their futures.

And Philippe and Nadia just can't catch a break. Nadia's self worth still needs some bolstering and Philippe's peace of mind needs resolution which only a deceased Nicholas can provide. This was a wickedly good cliffy to end the chapter. Surely the Alliance members realize they're racing towards a trap, but ole Nicholas seems awfully confident in his schemes. Hopefully it will be the kind of overconfidence which will lead to his demise. ;) Either way, it's the other plans Scorpion alluded to that makes me nervous, and the mention of other progeny. Scorpion's commendation towards Nicholas was ominous and manipulative approval indeed. He is a cunning and twisted puppet master.

Another awesome chapter from start to finish! The party's just getting started. ;) I just hope the Lycan sentries don't have too much fun in the jumping house. Lol.

Great chapter!
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