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for Love is, except when it isn't

10/22/2017 c8 shinju asuka
Beside not knowing whether Alexandra was serious to him or not, i wonder why Olive sticked with her. I can see that she didn't approve her way. What would Olive do after this?
10/22/2017 c7 shinju asuka
Gosh i'm afraid that he would be toyed again :'(
9/26/2017 c7 21RainbowPearls
Update soon!
Interesting story! :)
8/13/2017 c6 shinju asuka
Oh my... I'm still on Olive's side thinking what Alex did was wrong. But still don't understand about Heather's and Alexandra's answer. Gosh... I'm very very curious about what the truth is!
7/22/2017 c6 Guest
Olive is right
6/27/2017 c5 shinju asuka
I wonder whether she would eventually like him romantically. Probably she was only toying him.
6/27/2017 c3 shinju asuka
After reading the previous chapter, i have this mixed feeling between congratulating and pitying him :\
6/27/2017 c2 shinju asuka
I didn't receive alert for chapter 2 and 3. So surprised when i received it for chapter 4.
I didn't expect Alexandra would like that! :O i'd say my reaction was similar to Olive's!
6/26/2017 c1 8LorrahBear
This is an in interesting start. I look forward to learning more about Gabriel!
5/4/2017 c1 shinju asuka
Hmm... After reading the first chapter, i reread the summary. I think the first chapter is the glimpse what outsiders saw. Or maybe i'm just thinking too much :D
5/4/2017 c1 1too many baguettes
good, kinda curious if this is gonna turn into a genuine romance or more of a stalker-centric parody of romance stories? either way it'll prolly be good. the way to form sentences actually makes them real easy to keep reading, which is an excellent quality that sadly you don't see too often, so good on that.

one thing i will say is that you should probably use "quotation marks" instead of 'apostrophes' (single quotation marks? idk what they'd be called when being used in this way) just because it makes it a lot easier to see the dialogue. in a short chapter like this, it isn't an issue, but if things get more long-winded then i can see it becoming an issue.

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