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5/19/2017 c15 1Nevheera
I started this fic probably back in 2006ish, when u were still writing it and never read the conclusion for what, over ten years? Haha- then today while I'm home sick from work I get 15 emails saying you re(?)posted this story. I was like, oh man I remember starting that a long time ago.

Well I just read the whole 64k in about 6 hours. Thank you for posting it! It was a great read and I love the characters :)

Wish u well in all that you do!
-an old fan
5/19/2017 c15 4Mage Dudette
Well, obviously, the reposted chapters all appeared in my inbox earlier and I just had to reread Em and Nico's story! I had forgotten how much of a cute couple they are and pretty great to revisit it~ 3
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