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6/30/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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4/27/2021 c1 AvegaLil
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10/9/2020 c23 2stunningaurora
omgomg [i really need to stop doing that i sound too much like a fangirl] they said it! i was gonna say that my ship has sailed but then i realized it sailed a hella long time ago oops-

but yes omg they're so cuteee they're literal goals i wanna be like them [if only i talked to boys though...]

the ending felt a li but honestly it fit in with the whole way the book was written so not much to complain about that :)

lkdjflfk this is the last chapter lemme go cry a lil before going to read "samantha" ;)
10/9/2020 c22 stunningaurora
lsdjflkdjs gurl you got this you can do it!

we love how sam's mom wants to be so involved in her life now even though chapters before she was basically disowning her- bipolar much?!

i really want to see carson grow up a little and see how his and sam's relationship grows- will they hate each other or will it be a "i hate him but he loves me" kind? haha we do love some crazy screaming babies tho :)

omgomg i can't believe it ending ahh! this was def the first story i read on this site and it's so sad it's ending gah~ but seriously i'm sorry i really wanted to read this earlier but i never check my email nor the notifications for fp :\\
9/7/2020 c23 21WafflesandUnicorn
Girl. The way I screamed when I saw the notification email. I'm a little embarrassed about how much of a fangirl I felt like in that moment.

She made him breakfast! To the best of her ability. How cute and considerate.

Andy! Him and his shenanigans. He didn't even know the girl he was with. Come on man, do better.

Sammi and church were a hilarious combination. She should've known to cover up more. Thank goodness for Ian protecting her from all the lustful gazes.

They graduated! They're big kids! And Sammi and Ian are doing long distance! Although a few hours isn't so bad. I was scared of was gonna be like different states or something. This I can live with.

Ian's friends teasing him about Sam was awesome. And what's with you and the name Christian?

Granny is determined to have great-grandchildren and it shows. The crude gesture was hilarious.

Andy had a threesome! With a dude? Is that what he was implying? My goodness. Did not see that coming. I'm very amused.

It happened! It finally happened! She finally said she loves him! And shenanigans followed later!

I am quite pleased with this final chapter. You done good kid.
9/6/2020 c22 WafflesandUnicorn
The first half of this chapter killed me. Sam just couldn't win and it was hilarious.

That price! It was so much! My cheap ass could never!

Scarlet is kind of adorable. I like her.

The fact that Sam kept calling the baby a demon is just great. She really doesn't like that kid.

She tried the dress on every day! What a dork.

Okay have you ever used one of those stick on bras? I had to do the same thing with the reading directions and still having to try like a million times to get it right. They're the worst.

Shenanigans! Enough said?

Andy! Ugh, I love Andy. He never lets them live it down when shenanigans are involved and it's great.

She almost said she loves him! But then she chickened out! What a pansy. Maybe next time. She has to by the end of this or I will be so unhappy with you.

Speaking of the end, I'm torn! I want it to end. But I don't! *sigh* I'm still looking forward to the next update though so get a move on girly! Please :D
5/27/2020 c21 2stunningaurora
aw! i want a puppy like Olivia :(
sibling rivalry, the fun. at least she got almost 18 years of single parent love and attention and unlike most of us who got a sibling when we were younger than 5, we only get less than 5 years of attention from our parents. the rest of our lives, we have to share our parents time.
5/26/2020 c21 6Polished Gem
I'm surprised. I didn't expect that of Andy. I wonder if that closes off their friendship for good. I'm just surprised that Ian had so little reaction to the situation. I don't really get him. He didn't react as strongly to the Abe situation as a normal guy would either. Sure, he asked her to be his girlfriend so that there would be no other Abe situations, but I would have expected a little more discomfort/concern/worries to have shown before that point. Realistically, anyway.
5/25/2020 c20 Polished Gem
This reads something like a diary. Each day seems to be a new adventure and while all the pieces connect, there's no clear point a to point b with a build to the climax of the story. In other words, the trajectory of the plot is a bit confusing. First there was one issue, then there was another, then it turned into something else...And it's good to have different issues so the plot's dynamic...I just feel they could have been gelled together better...? Don't get me wrong, I've thourougly enjoyed this. It's highly entertaining and my somewhat dirty humor has me laughing at points. But somewhere around chapter eight, you'd already changed direction twice and I was wondering where you were going with this. Now that I've hit chapter 20, I'm still wondering where you're going with this.
I hope my criticism isn't too harsh...I like the lilt to your writing and the way it flows. And I can't seen one single typo throughout. That's a feat in itself. You might want to go back and break up some of those paragraphs in the earlier chapters. Generally, when you have two people speaking, that's two separate paragraphs, but not always. Also, those massive paragraphs in the wood shop where Ian's teaching her hurt my eyes. Definitely break those up. I can absolutely see about ten different locations where the thought changes course.
Also, I thought I'd mention that back then, Ian's last name was Wilcox. Then suddenly, at the dinner with his family, Ian's last name was suddenly Harris.
Anyway, thanks for the interesting piece of literature. I enjoyed reading it. It took me about two days. It was a big chunk to chew.
Keep writing. I've seen how your writing has morphed and changed throughout the book. You're getting better. Practice makes perfect. :)
5/23/2020 c21 21WafflesandUnicorn
It took forever but here we go!

Sam is so unhappy about the baby. I honestly can't blame her. I mean, I love the little monsters but she's probably right that her mom's gonna blow her off. Can't blame her for being upset about losing the only true parent she's ever had.

Ian with the baby was adorable. Over the top, but adorable. Baby needs to get used to noise while he sleeps anyway.

Andy! Andy at the hospital was great. I am amused that he's jokingly gay for Ian. Andy at that party was not okay! How dare you make my favorite, most precious Andy be a blockhead? I oughta slap you silly for that! Sam leaving him there was completely justified.

Ian's dad not letting him get away with having Sam in his lap was very amusing to me.

He got her a puppy! I want a puppy! Olive is adorable and I love her.

April is usually adorable, but I did not appreciate her being a cockblock. She's such a fun killer.

But yay cuddles!

Thanks for posting, even if it was slightly late! And now I shall wait again.
4/21/2020 c20 WafflesandUnicorn
I don't remember if I told you before, but I think it's both disgusting and hilarious that Noah and Mara have claimed the guest room.

Sneaky cuddles amuses me. Frequently cuddling in a secret plot to get sex sooner is such a Sam thing to do.

Dude! The bare titties and overcoat! I can't. You're crazy. I mean, I already knew it would show up but you're still crazy.

I want to make a slight joke about her outfit. But I shall refrain in case other people who don't know me see this review and get fussy about it being offensive. Also what in the hell is argyle?

I love his dad's "parenting" in this. He acts like it's such a chore to take care of his kids. Shouldn't have had so many if he didn't wanna have to raise 'em all.

Isn't that the puppy you wanted? Nice way to pay homage to the little fuzzball. Tis a shame you couldn't have her.

Oh DAMN. You really weren't kidding about this being long and drawn out huh? BITCH. You almost fucking had me! I started scrolling like "Just how far did she take this?" I fucking cackled at the cut off!

His grandparents. I love them. Please bring them back sometime. No shits given by them. It's great. I love them. Correction: I love his father's parents.

His mother's parents suck. Like a lot. That old bat is so rude. For once, I agree with Noah. I hate her too. Its sad that their own grandchildren hide from them, really says a lot about who they are as people.

The frequent commentary of Sam having his babies was great. Will that actually happen at some point? I imagine so.

Okay I'm very glad I stayed up to read this. You're welcome by the way. And now I wait again.
4/21/2020 c20 2stunningaurora
ahaha love that you have the warnings, i’m not really supposed to read too *intimate* things since I’m only 14, and some authors just don’t put them in :/
I love the character growth in this story, how Ian is more outgoing, and how Sam can control herself more :))
Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/19/2020 c19 21WafflesandUnicorn
Damn this chapter felt longer than usual. Not complaining though.

Oh Sammi. You and your bad decisions. I don't condone these actions at all.

Thank goodness Abe had the good sense to call Ian when she was getting out of hand and he'd lost her! I knew I liked him for a reason.

How the heck did she not know that Ian was Ian? How messed up was she that she confused two very different people?

I feel like Sam was really whiny this chapter. Which, I'm hoping you see the irony/amusement in me saying this now. But anyway, she was whiny. I mean, I get that she was frustrated and upset, but still, she had to have know that he had his reasons for not sleeping with her just yet. And then going off and getting trashed just because she's upset us not something I condone. Eat ice cream if you're upset. Don't go get trashed and then try to convince the guy you're so trashed you think he's your former fuck buddy to sleep with you just for the hell of it. No. Bad Sammi. Very bad Sammi.

And then the being pissy later cause of how fast he came with a solution to the possibility she may not be able to have kids? What even? It was a logical solution! Most people would be thought of it. I think it's understood that if they do end up married and she can't have kids that he'd grieve with her. The dude cares about his family more than just about anything, he'd obviously be devastated that he couldn't have biological children of his own. No need to be pissy about him coming up with a solution to a problem that you don't even know if it exists yet.

Alright, I'm done ranting.

Andy killed me this chapter. As he always does. His complete lack of a filter is just amazing. Although him and Aly are low key gross.

Mara amuses me. She's kinda like a puppy I think. She's too good for Noah. And yes, I still mostly dislike him.

Aww cuddles. Cuddles are the best.

Dude! That dream! You almost had me, I must admit. But I knew something was off about him suddenly being okay with them having sex so soon after telling her he wasn't ready. And the fact that they were in public? Nah. He wouldn't have been okay with that. Sam is clearly more sexually frustrated than I previously realized. I was very amused. You did well with that. I can't even hate you for it haha.

And before I finish, what the heck does she have against gummy candy? I freaking wish I could have Sour Patch candy right now. But not the kids. The watermelons. Those taste better I think.

And now I wait. Patiently. Well, kinda patiently.
2/24/2020 c16 1Subatommie
2/24/2020 c13 Guest
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