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1/19 c3 noenoway
love the story yet interesting. I want to 0ffer you something related to your work and I want to 0ffer you to join our platform. If you feel interested please leave your ema1l. Thank you
8/9/2017 c3 70BradytheJust
And that chapter gave me the shudders... makes sense.

Cold, slimy, black fear... ugh Brievel, I'm not sleeping tonight (or ever again)

Amazing job and I can't wait to see what's next!
7/15/2017 c2 BradytheJust
I could tell you a story about how I defeated a cyclops with only a rock... aim for the eye, taunt him over a cliff... then let gravity do the rest :)

I like the idea of names holding power, even if they aren't everything. I've seen it done many times where knowing a true name gives you unlimited power over a spirit, but sometimes your own power helps.

And finally "Do not deny yourself allies out of incorrect belief that there are none." I have to use that quote! :D Amazing!

Great job as always my friend!
7/4/2017 c1 BradytheJust

To be honest, I believe the same thing as this main character. I believe magic exists and that the worlds of my imagination are worlds that exist somewhere.

I can't wait to see what else happens! Keep it up!

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