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1/24 c35 3Katsurou Shimizu
On a random whim, I decided to read this entry because I decided to read on old favourite of mine, which is ironically also from the Cheong family.

Colin Cheong, with all its sentimental explorations of the male psyche. You can try his collection of novellas and short stories. As he mentioned in his foreword, it's juvenilia, but I can oddly see myself in his writing, even with his much extended hiatus as well xD

Like you said, it is a shame that Singlit is doomed to fail because we are just so cynical of our stuff, and by and large, we don't really read much. Our education system doesn't allow for much creativity, just conformity. So it's oddballs like us that lurk in the shadows of the internet and post stories that shamefully shy away from Singapore setting.

Maybe like you, I should give our country a chance too u .

Thanks for the read!
12/27/2021 c38 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
Okay this is well written but your opinion is WRONG. Everyone knows the best anime is Nyan Nemo Sugar Girls
11/30/2021 c37 She Who Loves Pineapples II
This is really deep. You’ve put into words something that probably a lot of children of the internet era are familiar with. The good grade is well deserved.
1/31/2020 c36 She Who Loves Pineapples II
Wait what do you do with it?
1/27/2020 c36 19Sir Scott
That's a pretty cool. Import from favorites puts the fun in function.
~Sir Scott
9/2/2019 c35 Sir Scott
That's why I usually just buy books, because I never read books out of the library. The idea of Singaporean literature sounds intriguing. Good luck on your reading.
~Sir Scott
9/1/2019 c35 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
Wow, so you guys mostly read books from other countries? Huh. I’d assume that would be more to do with your country’s population size and it being easier for publishing companies to license foreign works than to come out with their own, than anything about Singaporean people’s interest in literature or writing though. I mean, I haven’t been to Singapore, but I would say most Americans aren’t all that inclined to creativity and literature - and yet as a group we produce a lot of it because there are a lot of us.

It’s too bad public opinion on Singaporean literature is so bad. Good on those authors and poets who keep creating in spite of the negativity! :)
8/4/2019 c34 19Sir Scott
An interesting review policy that you have. I usually review everything that I read. Anything that interests me. I return reviews (mostly, unless I don't want to). I had some other stuff to say about this chapter, but the thought floated out of my head.
~Sir Scott
8/3/2019 c34 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
Wow cool story your description is good, coul you read mine it’s called The epic adventures of Gary Stu it’s abouy me and my friends going into the A world called Norkandavosis and finding out we have magic powers to be ninja assassind, read my story plz because I definitely read yours, k thanks by

(Just kidding. Thanks for the shout out, also thanks for all the reviews on Acajego I should really reply to those too huh)
7/29/2019 c33 She Who Loves Pineapples II
Write it!
7/29/2019 c33 19Sir Scott
That's a scary thought. Mom would have had trouble giving birth to me if that was the case.
~Sir Scott
7/27/2019 c32 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
Actually respond to reviews in a timely manner? Who does that?
7/26/2019 c32 19Sir Scott
We all make those kinds of goofs. Enjoy your free time.
~Sir Scott
7/25/2019 c30 6She Who Loves Pineapples II
7/25/2019 c31 19Sir Scott
Those were the good old days when Day was released to the world.
~Sir Scott
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