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6/15/2018 c1 Guest
Continue please!
9/11/2017 c1 15 minutes to midnight
Love this! I too am also a sucker for love-hate stories and can't wait to see where you're going with this!
8/27/2017 c1 4mandybeth
Okay, so you've written some reviews on my story, "Challenge Accepted", so I thought I'd come check out what you had to offer and I'M GLAD I DID! I love love-hate stories as well (my absolute favorite, followed closely by best-friends-falling-in-love), but it's so hard to find well-written ones around here. I can tell, after reading this one chapter, that you've got something REALLY good going here, and I WANT TO READ MORE! Please, add more? Like, I'll make a deal with you: if you update your story, I'll update mine, okay? Good, I'm glad we could come to this agreement! But seriously, though, this is very well-written, and I would love to see what happens between Waverly and Alex. So, yeah...UPDATE PLEASE!

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