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for A Dragon's Nine Lives

1/20/2022 c8 heelenah
hello I'm very interested to your story. I love how you put the characterizations. I want to offer you something related to your w0rk. If you're interested please kindly leave me your 3ma1l. Thanks
8/31/2017 c15 25Jaya Avendel
Thanks for sharing where the story came from. I always find it interesting to know how someone else found inspiration.

You are most welcome. I enjoyed reading your story.
8/31/2017 c14 Jaya Avendel
Nice way the end. I like Dianna's visitor. He has entrusted her with a special task. The last few lines were excellent to closing the story.

Good job!
8/31/2017 c13 Jaya Avendel
I loved Dianna's offer and the whole audience with the King. It looks like they got a good deal.
8/26/2017 c12 Jaya Avendel
Your story plays out nicely. Your descriptions are well written and the story plays out very nicely. Your characters being dragons adds an interesting touch that is hard to ignore. I love the flying scenes.
8/26/2017 c11 Jaya Avendel
Very nice chapter, ending at a tense spot, and beginning with a well described scene. Loved it.
8/26/2017 c10 Jaya Avendel
I admire people like the guard who helped Kaylein. People like him are optimistic and carry the world (and the story) forward. Very nice chapter.
8/26/2017 c9 Jaya Avendel
I love how vividly with which you portray your characters.
8/23/2017 c8 Jaya Avendel
Hard choice for our characters to give themselves up to the King's men for the sake of survival. I feel for them.

Interesting development, though. What follows should prove to be fascinating.
8/21/2017 c7 Jaya Avendel
Interesting developments. On the run and injured. I love how the story is about dragons instead of the usual people.
8/21/2017 c6 Jaya Avendel
Beautiful actions scenes. It is as though I am there in person. I find your combat scenes to be very, very good.

I am curious to see what happens next!
8/18/2017 c5 Jaya Avendel
I love Vance. Every story needs the person like him.

Poor Dianna; haunted by such terrible memories. I hope she finds a way to come to peace with herself.
8/18/2017 c4 Jaya Avendel
What a twist at the end of this chapter. I loved the opening scenes as well. Your characters are playing out nicely.
8/16/2017 c3 Jaya Avendel
Wow, what a tense chapter! Your combat was very engaging; it made my heart race! And to end with such a cliffhanger . . . I like your setting and characters.
8/16/2017 c2 Jaya Avendel
Nice chapter with enough dialogue to pace it out. Kaylein has a a nice surprise at the ending. I cannot wait to see what happens next.
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