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for Black Bird

1/14/2018 c2 70BradytheJust
I LOVED the ballroom scene!

I've done some dancing myself, so I have a bit of a critical eye when reading dancing scenes. Brian and Cia are so cute together! :D :D :D

It was fun to see an uptight Lucile relax a bit with Brian, even if she remained verbally as sharp as a tack.
"You are as beautiful as the rarest gem and as hard as one too." I loved that quote!

And now magic and love potions to bring us to the third chapter! I can't wait for more! :)
12/15/2017 c1 BradytheJust
Holy heck!

I'm not sure I even have words to describe how much I love this story, everything from the characters to the politics to the flirty princess. Awesome!

Now we have lord Zavakia to worry about, and if my videogaming knowledge is correct, teaming up with a Warlord is bound to come with strings attached.

Still, everything about this story has made it my favorite, including the problems with the boots! :D I don't like to wear boots ;) Keep it up!
12/10/2017 c1 4Mrs.Bluhm
Love the rewrite, can't wait for chapter two!

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