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7/18/2018 c12 19Sir Scott
Nice update. That was a pretty scary chapter to wake up with hand prints on your body would be bad.
~Sir Scott
11/22/2017 c11 Sir Scott
It was a good story. I'm glad that you finished it. You need to change the setting on the story so other can see that it is complete.
~Sir Scott
11/15/2017 c9 Sir Scott
She does have a lot of faith in Joel. Intriguing story thus far.
~Sir Scott
11/11/2017 c8 Sir Scott
Pretty good update. I enjoyed reading what had happened between her and Joel.
~Sir Scott
11/10/2017 c6 Sir Scott
I hope Amelia can give Roselyn answers. The only typo that spotted was when the neighbor said "My names Matt." It should be "My name's Matt."
~Sir Scott
11/9/2017 c5 Sir Scott
Finally, got to see Joel. This story is pretty creepy.
~Sir Scott
10/26/2017 c4 Sir Scott
Good update. It seems like her doctor is a target too.

~Sir Scott
9/27/2017 c3 Sir Scott
A pretty creepy story with a good touch of mystery to it.

~Sir Scott

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