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for Had I but known

10/27/2017 c21 5Dan Quixote
This has been really good. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and the slow, gradual revelation of what was going on. You didn't post it as complete, so I'm wondering if there will be more. If so, I'll look forward to following the story.
10/27/2017 c11 Dan Quixote
I was wondering about this character when we first encountered him in chapter eight. My first thought was that he was working for a tabloid newspaper, then I thought maybe he was with some kind of Talamasca-like society. If he is being honest about who he works for AND has knowledge of vampires, that suggests some shadowy government conspiracy stuff. An intriguing idea.
10/27/2017 c5 Dan Quixote
"From people, of course."

That's the line that really got me hooked into this story. There have been these subtle hints of something vampiric going on, but that line really set off all the alarms. And what better way for such a being hiding with society to satisfy their needs? Nursing homes and homeless shelters would make the perfect - dare I say - feeding grounds.

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