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5/11 c34 2Jennifer Jackson
Dear Pineapple,

I am very pleased to hear you continue reading and enjoying my story. I agree I definitely improved in later chapters as I grew as a writer and hopefully growing still.
Those weird picadillo of referring to Kara as "you" was something leftover from the original way I had written the story on another site in which "You" were the MC with no name because...well simply that's how that website did most stories.

Here I decided to give her a name and even though I called myself going over each chapter with a fine-tooth comb for these rogue "you"s I still missed some. I will do a final edit once I complete the story, which hopefully will be soon.

Again, do feel free to drop a line in my PMs any time you wish. Believe it or not your first review is what spurred me to complete the next two chapters. I suppose knowing that someone besides myself was enjoying the story
5/11 c34 Pineapple
Despite my annoyance for a certain previous chapter, I have mostly enjoyed the second half of this story, the early chapters were very rough around the edges but the clear improvement lead to a much more enjoyable read. The cast of characters as well became pretty likeable in the later half particularly the sister and Tom. The work isn't perfect of course and there are several weird little things that stand out, like how the narration would sometimes use "you" when referring to Kara, this and the aforementioned chapter are what I regard as the biggest flaws. Despite those flaws I enjoyed it enough to read through it in one sitting and will probably read any future chapters that may arise.
5/10 c17 Jennifer Jackson
Dear Pineapple (guest),
Since I have no way of directly responding to you that I can see as I am still very new to responding to what little reviews I do receive I will post a reply here in the hopes you do read it and feel free to respond to my DMs/PMs if you so wish.

I read your review and I will admit at first I was upset for reasons I will explain soon, but after I took a breath and thought about your review I am glad you do not agree with Kara's actions or beliefs in this chapter. I had considered making the protester trans in this chapter but I thought better of it because that would lose the point of this story. We are trained by experience to view the main character of stories as the hero or the one to root for. So if I made a trans character the one she was against it would automatically make us and others see other trans people as the antagonist when that is not the story I wished to tell.

In my experience it is a healthy mix of both trans and cis who are protesting against "transphobia" in media. In fact, I wrote this portion of the story AFTER being in a disagreement with a transwoman who insisted bugs bunny was transphobic. The point of the faux movie was that it wasn't a transphobic movie because of the reasons Kara explained. Yes this is also my belief about such films and I have seen some movies that do fit the "transphobia in media" and has upset me rightly so I believe as well as you are in yours.

As for the "dude" as Kara explained it is a gender-neutral term in mine and many other transwomen's opinion I do know irl as well as online. I understand this is not your belief and more to the point the cis girl who jumped to said conclusion on their own were not wrong and neither are you, nor is Kara. To us it didn't mean boy, in fact Kara's friends are based on mine irl. I came out to one male friend who knew me before as male, and called me dude then and continued to call me dude after. Unlike Kara I had discussed this with my friend when I came out to him because upon my coming out he asked and we had the conversation about the movie good burger.

As to why I may disagree with your review but am actually glad about it is because I never meant for nor wanted Kara to be a monolith of trans people or trans women in general but her own individual person with her own set of beliefs and ideals. Kara is better and worse than me depending on the situation, I did not create her to be a mary sue or an example of my own or other's failings but a real person.

I have read stories with trans women as main characters who did and believed things I did not agree with and whether that is good or bad is down to the individual. Which I hoped to convey through Kara, we are individuals with our own thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. There are in fact other trans characters in the story that would disagree with Kara and others who had way worse and way better than her experiences.

I do hope you continue reading to find them, you are allowed to disagree but hopefully, if you continue you will not only watch Kara grow in her experience but grow in your own as well.

I wish you the best of luck in your transition and your experiences.
5/10 c17 Pineapple
I was into the story until I got to this chapter, as a trans woman who doesn't want to be called dude and actually does care about transphobia in the media, this was pretty difficult to read. If Kara doesn't mind being called dude that's fine, but the way this is written sounds like a criticism of trans women who don't like it. Contrary to what ppl on the internet like to say, the ppl leading these conversations are not clueless cis ppl, they are usually trans themselves.

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