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for The Finn Diaries: A story of the Illinois Proletariat Revolution

11/9 c32 17J.Kuzzey
Dang the students from University of Illinois really helped save the day. Also a good thing that they didn't actually send tanks! That might've been the end of Finn and their resistance. Fortunately, they survived and achieved victory. It looks as though things are turning in their favor. It is a relief to read about good things.
10/21 c31 J.Kuzzey
[When the Volksfront was raping and killing minorities, the white people turned a blind eye because it did not affect them.] This sentence is incredibly relevant in many places today. Glad that the people are finally rising up and seeing the truth, but it is unfortunate that it took so long and a girl had to be raped and murdered to make it happen. That's the sad reality of the world, however. Vernon is really doing himself in by spreading troops all over the place. Good. Looking forward to the next chapter and what goes down at Champagne.
10/21 c31 17Sir Scott
That's interesting about Vernon attacking other countries and not getting his under control.
~Sir Scott
10/20 c30 Sir Scott
I would think that the love making would warm them up.
~Sir Scott
10/19 c30 17J.Kuzzey
Tough spot to be in, definitely. I think Redd is correct, though, giving in would allow the Nazis a chance to regroup and I don't know if they could win against an overwhelming force. Weather conditions often are what do armies in so I'm glad this continues to be a source of struggle for them in your plot, but it is unfortunate for our heroes. Really sucks for Jules and Finn (the last sentence "a blue Christmas" is literal art in literature form lol). These two need each other. I hope it all works out for them.
9/15 c5 GenericReader
Well this is certainly getting interesting so far, consider my follow!
9/13 c29 17Sir Scott
Good chapters overall. I believe the freed prisoner died a better death than they would have in a prison or concentration camp.
~Sir Scott
9/13 c29 17J.Kuzzey
Very solemn chapter, but sadly a harsh reality in situations like this. Weather defeats armies all the time, and unfortunately for our heroes here, they are already the underdogs. Unfortunate that all of the recruits from Camp Himmler died; it feels like defeat in a way, but I'm glad you put these kinds of realistic elements in your story. Jules is an absolute LEGEND in this chapter, keeping Finn alive and dragging him along. The connection those two have is very strong, but I worry something might happen. I like that this story keeps me on the edge. Great chapter
8/28 c28 J.Kuzzey
Glad to see you updated. I think Finn made the right choice by only allowing those fit to serve in their ranks. While 25 doesn't seem like much, and it's not compared to what they face, every little bit of resistance is crucial. Always nice to see a bit of hope, that they freed so many people from the concentration camps. Looking forward to the next update.
6/30 c27 J.Kuzzey
I'm glad to see you updated. This is an intense chapter. "She smelled like shit" made me laugh, which was nice after reading the more dramatic side of it. Jules is awesome. It's good that we're seeing progress in the movement. But I'm fearful that it won't go well forever.
11/29/2019 c26 J.Kuzzey
It's good that they are getting a lot of allies. They wouldn't have a chance without them. It'll be interesting to speculate what will happen in the future thanks for those allies. I see he and Jules are still working on being together, regardless of the war, which is good because they definitely need each other.
3/1/2019 c25 4She Who Loves Pineapples II
Interesting stuff. I know you asked for reviews but the only real advice I can give is read a lot (especially about REAL revolutions in history - fiction and nonfiction) and write a lot.
12/19/2018 c13 She Who Loves Pineapples II
Why would they be dumb enough not to cover their faces?
12/8/2018 c25 17J.Kuzzey
Definitely going to be tough to maintain a relationship in the middle of a revolution but it's something for them to find comfort in, no doubt. Great to see them finally come around and get together. Hopefully the war they're fighting doesn't get in the way.
12/8/2018 c25 17Sir Scott
It looks like Finn and Jules have grown close. I hope their relationship survives the war.
~Sir Scott
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