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7/9 c36 6Darth Zannacross
Delta shows she's at the point where she just embraces the " Thrill of the hunt" so to speak, and from here, Seth and the others thought they were prepared but...clearly not as much as they had to be.

I guess Delta was not as prepared as she thought to though if she fell into Wasponi's trap...although if she wanted to end it quickly she should have had the psycho gutted the moment they got there hands on her.

But, omega bombshell dropped when Siro found out that...all this time...Wasponi was Sagiri? Well if she's not a zombie then...next chapter might be just a tad awkward...but quite eager to see where things go from here so another great chapter with well written tension and action. Keep up the great work and best of luck getting the next one out soon.
6/28 c35 Darth Zannacross
Ah glad we got past the curtain faster then expected, things are escalating quickly today as we see more of what drove Delta to become the terror she is.

We have a tense negotiation with Jona that almost seems like it will be civil but...quickly goes to hell and we get a nice bought of gunplay, things look on the verge of falling apart, hope we see soon if Merrick can keep things from falling apart entirely.

But for now another nice intense chapter, thanks for the review of Patriots previously, best of luck with your own stuff and till next time.
5/3 c6 35Starart152
Our trio met another trio and it seems like there are a bit on a good foot. Still, Sagiri, Seth and Siro should be careful as they know little of them.
It seems a little too good and too cheezy the trio they encountered. They were there for a few months and I am not sure they wouldn't lose a few things in their mind.
5/1 c34 6Darth Zannacross
Welcome back, we got a hefty dose of murder today as things return, more then usual at least lol.

More looks in the past to see how Delta's senses sharpened into one of a mass murderer, even more clear now that Maya seems to be the one who molded her into the bane of Siro and co.

Sounds like Gareth's going to be a " Sacrifice" for Delta's evolution but we will see.

Ah well as always keep up the great work, hope you have time to check out my own stuff sooner then later and have a good start to May.
1/1 c33 Darth Zannacross
Happy new Years to you as well Quicksand.

As the cast finds something to believe in, Siro is trying to make sure his faith to keep his word is worth believing in. But more of the tension is with Tabitha acting all Delta like, one Delta is enough of a walking disaster.

Speaking of that, Delta's a storm of sorts, having a whole group of fan-girls with her makes it even worst for anyone around.

Siro is one of the few who seem to realize how messed up things are getting but, we will see just how much carnage goes down soon it seems. Till then crossing fingers you will have more time for writing and maybe checking out more of my stuff when you have the time. But till then keep up the great year and welcome to 2023.
12/30/2022 c5 35Starart152
A good chapter where we get a bit more insight on Sagiri and her thought process, before we focused on them finding a way to survive for the night.
The flow of the plot so far goes to the priority that the trio needs to satisfy before they move on to another one. Which is what the ending of this chapter is telling me.
7/7/2022 c32 6Darth Zannacross
And we are back at the compound, sorry things have been stressful for you, hope your doing ok.

Siro is doing ok after his last " Dance" with Delta" but, some king of wounds never seem to heal, like...getting a X shaped scar across your chest...damn.

With no Batman or Sherlock Homes on the scene Crasidine tries to get on top of things like who's in a slicing mood, and for the sake of all the good guys lets hope she is on the ball at least on how to handle things as tension is rising and rising.

Seth, Erizia and some of the others are trying to get everyone to be one coherent workable group and they better be able to pull it off...Delta is down but not out and is looking like she is keen on unleashing some very, VERY savage payback, hope Siro is ready for it.

Well once more another great chapter, do hope the next one will come out sooner but best of luck with everything, still crossing my fingers you might like some of my own stuff and till next time take care Quicksand.
3/6/2022 c4 35Starart152
This is a nice chapter that introduce us to some of the antagonist against our trio. Delta seems like a very powerful and unstable woman who grew in there for a long time.
As for our heroes, they are lucky she didn't kill them right now. It would have been the end of their journey if she was in a bad mood.
3/1/2022 c31 6Darth Zannacross
Welcome back after all this time, sorry you had a lot going on but glad you did not give up.

Seems we see what shaped Delta into the psychopath mass murder we see in the present, though we are not at the" Final " Part" it seems, Maya kept Delta in line, curious to what the snapping point was...should be a wild part.

Till then keep up the great work, hope you have more time to check out Zilos or Patriots sooner or later and best of luck Quicksand.
10/24/2021 c30 Darth Zannacross
Welcome back, lets see how much mess the dust causes today.

"Ash" and Tabitha have a rather tense exchange, the future could be prosperous or disastrous depending on who is being sincere.

Well, we saw how things went with Orson and Wasponi...lethally...no room for mercy in this "game".

As dark as this got, this whole new " order" with Delta being seen nearly as a goddess of death...well...Ashleigh is not the only one about to be crushed but we will see.

Well the stakes somehow feel even higher...till then keep up the great work, hope you have time for my stories sooner or later and stay safe.
7/23/2021 c29 Darth Zannacross
Welcome back, lets see what's going on in the compound today.

Siro seems to be slowly climbing out of the hole he was in, but we seen how fast momentum can switch so lets see...

On the other end of things...being all culty about a queen never really seems to bold well either...double so when its bloody Delta so..lets see how messy this gets.

Meanwhile, physical blows were not exchanged but still got rather tense between Siro and Wasponi as Siro has to figure out what his endgame is and fast as it seems like Delta's about to kick things into high gear to enter a even more brutal level of carnage.

Eager to see how things go from here, till the next time keep up the great work, hope you have time to check out my own stuff and have a nice weekend.
6/2/2021 c28 Darth Zannacross
The pieces of what shaped Delta into someone crazy enough to impress the Joker are coming together as we see just what kind of family life she had.

After her mother's sad demise her Aunt and Uncle were no crooks but they just did not have the means to reel back the madness blooming in her heart and all that, maybe in a normal environment things could have changed but not in a place that makes the Hunger Games look hopeful. Seems like Maya is what seals the deal to the descent to darkness but we will see soon.

Till then keep up the great work, best of luck and till next time.
4/10/2021 c3 35Starart152
This story is showing its dark element with killing a man who tried to assassinate them. Sagiri had to murder him in order to survive because Siro had been too impulsive.
It makes me wonder how they would change as the story will progress and if the three will broke apart and split up or stick together until the end.
3/31/2021 c27 6Darth Zannacross
Hey there Quicksand glad your back, lets see how hateful today's chapter gets lol.

Delta's legacy of hate is getting so strong people are getting hellbent on seeing her dead.

Alas...even nearly being burned alive is just another bump in the road for the biggest psychopath in the game, oy.

Still...she at LAST pushed Siro to the point where his rage exploded...as much as I love seeing karma at last catch up with her...it might make everything else a tad messy in a time were there is no margin for error so...we will see how things go from here but a VERY intense and enjoyable chapter, hope things work out so next time comes faster then before...but stay safe Quicksand.
3/31/2021 c1 DWest
I like how the story was presented. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on NovelStar, just submit your story to or
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