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7/4 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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1/11 c19 ninagumilang
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12/3/2020 c14 94Cynthia Brent
The way Paul describes the mother and the way the family argument is so brutal made this chapter incredibly real and truthful for me. You have such a fearless way of telling your stories!
12/3/2020 c13 Cynthia Brent
Wow, this is an amazing chapter. And the thing that always pulls me back into your stories is that you have the same sort of flair for historical stuff that I do. I mean, who would even imagine naming a positive character Jack Ruby? It's so twisted and brilliant!
2/14/2020 c19 5anonymousfriend27
;-; This is some of the most perfect and painful writing I've ever read. I look forward to sharing it with some of my friends who I know will appreciate it too. You did a great job! (I hope that whatever is going on with you has resolved itself, or that it will in the future.)
9/10/2019 c19 22Marina x Machina
This must have been really difficult for you to write...good work though. The dialogue, the buildup, and the action were all well done, they don't feel stilted or unrealistic at all, and there is appropriate tension and reactions throughout. As much as things escalated though, I really like the ending of the chapter, where we know that Paul made it to Noelle's and that she is going to take care of him instead of leaving us in suspense about his wellbeing. This was a really well done climax and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
9/3/2019 c18 Marina x Machina
This was so sweet and heart-warming. . I loved reading this chapter, it was full of the blissfully fluffy Noelle x Paul content that we've all been waiting for. It's just like...a nice break from it all. I think a lot of other people from the queer community can relate to this longing for a future where one can finally be happy and free and openly love their partner. Thank you so much for this!
3/6/2019 c17 burquesangel
Loving the story. You have reeled me in. Can't wait to continue reading this story!
Your writing is great!
3/6/2019 c17 Marina x Machina
Aw :)) This was so cute.
2/28/2019 c16 Marina x Machina
Interesting...I would also be suspicious of the sheriff, and of Jack Ruby saying everything is consensual cause he doesn’t really say how they ensure that, but this was an interesting development.

I also liked Noelle and Paul’s interaction at the start. That was cute. They are adorable.
9/11/2018 c15 Marina x Machina
Aw this was a sweet chapter.
I know that it's a little horrifying that Ian's anti gay club exists, but I'm just laughing at how realistic Paul's "yeah I'm going to Ian's house for an...anti gay thing...yes that actually exists because Ian..." excuse turned out to be. Like of course.
Congrats on coming out! It's great that you've had the courage to put yourself out there. 20gayteen is indeed powerful.
7/11/2018 c14 Marina x Machina
I didn't expect this chapter but I guess it makes sense...I feel horrible for Addison but I'm glad she's going to get out of there. I hope she'll be okay...

I like how Paul talked about his mom not doing anything. I have a parent who's like that who technically hasn't done anything wrong but also I don't trust to have my back during fights.

I like what Addison told Paul to do about leaving. Poor girl though.

- Marina.
5/6/2018 c13 Marina x Machina
I'm a little tired so I don't have the words to really dissect it, but I have a deep appreciation for the first paragraph. I think it's really well written and has a heart.

Aaaand onto the mean stuff:
I'm not going to claim Ian's Facebook group title is too on the nose since it's perfectly in character. However, the fact that Paul abbreviates the ridiculously long title gave his comment an...unintentionally comedic connotation? Not that they're not allowed to make gallows humor jokes about it, but IDK, just a thought.
Even the most well-adjusted trans people who are used to and have come out several times are probably not going to do it casually, especially when you're in Noelle's situation. However I guess since she's been experiencing rejection from everyone just as you feared, you might pass a certain level and go "fuck it, I have nothing to lose."
However these are just nitpicks.
I liked Jack Ruby's story up until he said "I have a theory that transgender people are angels, testing us to see how much we're willing to love our fellow man." It's not an offensive stereotype or anything, but...I would have preferred a different conclusion, maybe something about trans people being just as much a work of God as everyone else, or something.
To explain why this didn't sit well with me, here's an analogy: a lot of aromantic asexual (people who do not experience romantic or sexual attraction) characters in fiction are compared to robots. What's wrong with robots? Nothing. Robots aren't offensive. However, the implication is that they don't feel attraction solely because they are robots and therefore would logically not be interested in humans.
IDK what I'm trying to say but at least Noelle responds "I'm no angel" and then Jack Ruby said something else very sweet which I did like.
Favorite quote: "Maybe not, but you gotta right to be happy and if being a girl makes you happy, then who am I, who is anyone, to say that ain't OK. If you're a girl, then you go out there and you be the best damn girl you can be." Nothing problematic about this sentence. I love it. Thanks for writing it. It's great.
All in all this is a cute chapter and good work.
4/10/2018 c12 Marina x Machina
I'm really sorry but I keep on giggling immaturely at "CUMUPPANCE" because it sounds to me like some campy revenge themed porno. But sure, hope Ian gets it, I guess.

Anyways! Onto the important stuff.

I'm not really surprised Ian decided to title his essay like that...his character has been a pretty obvious bigot, not really the subtle prejudice type. Mr Cregger on the other hand is the more typical, normalized prejudice, especially when he says "You got to do your little LGBT speech, it's important to hear dissenting opinions." Also when the teacher says "If you weren't a queer..." The word choice and tone perfectly echo real life.

*sigh* I'm guessing this is an intentional character flaw but I hope Paul does stop kissing up to the homophobes so blatantly. Is it possible to have him called out in the next chapter? Like, Noelle's friend catches him doing this and doesn't believe her when Noelle is like "oh it's fine, it's just a thing he does cause he's scared" so maybe he'll have to go to Addison to talk about it and realize he's kinda taking it a bit far?

On another note, congratulations to Paul for getting into the Institute! And I like the conversation he had with Noelle, they really feel like a couple. If I could pick a favorite quote from this chapter, it's definitely "That's what I loved about Noelle. She had no idea what the hell she was going to do with her life, but she didn't give a damn. To her, it was just one big adventure and she was going to enjoy every second of it."

Good work!


(What the fuck my name is Marina
I think I accidentally combined "work" with "marina" and got "mark" as a result
you know I probably shouldn't have the right to be so judgy when I review your work cause honestly look at me I'm a mess)
4/1/2018 c11 Marina x Machina
Aw, this was a nice chapter. The interactions between everyone - whether Jack Ruby, Addison and Jeannette, and Noelle - were all super sweet. The dialogue was simple and cute.

The only thing that kind of bothers me is the fact that Paul casually mentions that Noelle is getting overtly bullied by Ian and says he wanted to do something but still couldn't. I guess it's true he probably wouldn't approach her because she doesn't want to hear consolations from him, but it'd be nice to see at least some fighting back. Like, Noelle has always demonstrated that she's a fighter, so why doesn't she get a few scenes where she tells Ian to shut up or something?

However, what's nice is the fact that Paul demonstrates some character development. He's willingly going to the parade, he apologizes to Noelle at last and I really like the fact that Noelle said "Paul, I'm not going to lie. You hut me when I found out what happened." And the fact that they decide to become just friends is sweet - it makes more sense and allows the pacing to work.
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