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6/8/2019 c34 12Dark Oracle
Hey, the first arc is often the hardest. You've got that out of the way, so it's smooth sailing now!
6/7/2019 c34 4Unbreakable Ark
Wow, I got a mention! The pleasure's been all mine, dude. As for my favourite character, I'd have to say Kel or Ixis. My most hated would have to be Kirk (sorry, dude...) and I'd have to agree with you on my favourite moment being the first clash of our two main heroes. I'm excited to see more of Cross' personality come out, it must have been very difficult trying to show it off because there were so many other big, intriguing personalities around him. But you've still done a really good job so far and it's been an honour to read. This review's gotten pretty long, so congrats on finishing this up and onwards to season 2!
6/7/2019 c32 Unbreakable Ark
The Squires' last battle before reaching the Nexus was awesome. I'm glad Ixis got time to shine! But now I'm wondering about his character. Hopefully making new friends and learning the Paladin way of life will sway him from his father's goal. Great chapter as usual, Cross!
6/6/2019 c31 Unbreakable Ark
An ettin, huh? I wonder how these new aspiring Paladin characters will deal with it... Great to see an update as always!
1/12/2019 c30 Unbreakable Ark
Now I really wanna know who Elephron knows that got pleasured by an orc, my head canon is that it was Elephron himself! Yet another fun chapter. I honestly really like Beatrix so far, and I look forward to meeting Kel's new teacher! Keep up the good work.
1/4/2019 c29 Unbreakable Ark
Leon is sure to be an interesting character, and I'm sure we'll see him interact with the other would-be Paladins soon. Good to see this story back, keep up the good work!
12/17/2018 c3 2Ming the Priceless
There were some funny moments; Ichiko at the end kinda reminded me of my Ruby... only much more... lets say 'free' :D What felt kinda strange is that this Kel is a kid, so his behavior and Ichiko's towards him was... sorta awkward. I mean I know this is fantasy, so social conventions from medival times apply and - as such - age doesn't play as big a role, but... than again, considering what will take place in my next chapter, I guess I shouldn't talk But I digress.

The chapter was pretty fun; short but it did get through its part of the plot pretty neatly. A few laughs here and there and I do wonder how does this Cross person fit into all of this (Ragna's master or something?). I'm certainly curious and I'll be sure to read more when I get time.

Good start!
12/17/2018 c2 Ming the Priceless
Since the first chapter isn't really a chapter or anything, I've decided to start reviewing here. On that note I would probably advice you combine the first entry with this prologue, since the bold text from the previous instalment is - essentially - an author's note.

I can tell even without the genre this is gonna be heavy on comedy, which is fine by me (question though: is drama/depth in there too or strictly humor?). The prophecy is relatively standard and sorta implies more anxiety than a simple gag tale, but I am curious about this Kel person, who you liked so much to actually make a... well, fanfic about him.

Off to the chapter.
11/23/2018 c27 4Unbreakable Ark
What a cliffhanger you've left us at... But here's my full review of the story now that I'm caught up.
Your characterisation is top-notch. You introduce characters at a steady pace instead of dumping a whole legion of new characters at once, which is always good.
The handling of your dual narrative is excellent, as well. I feel like equal time has been spent with both Kel and Cross and their respective friends.
If I had to choose a favourite moment so far I wouldn't know which to pick. That first battle between Kel and Cross, the first appearance of our imposing villain Shura Sha, the battle with the wyrm at the World's Fangs, or the battle between Kel and Alex, although short lived?
I have a theory about Elephron, but I'll keep it quiet for now and just wait to see if I'm right. You've earned yourself a fan, and I look forward to the next instalment! (please, please, PLEASE don't let this story be dead...)
11/18/2018 c10 Unbreakable Ark
I think this is an apt point to give my first impressions, seeing as it's the point where our two protagonists finally meet. You do a great job at characterisation, first of all- I like all of the characters you've created so far. The plotlines, on both "sides", are intriguing, and I can't wait to see where they go. Overall, 10/10 so far, and I'm excited to get caught up!
9/19/2018 c27 12Dark Oracle
Ooh, a prophecy? Those are always fun, dreadfully so. I wonder how many people will die for this one?
9/18/2018 c26 Dark Oracle
Ooh, mention of the Cotillion is starting to pop up. I can't wait to see that play out, hopefully Dana might still make a cameo!
9/5/2018 c25 Dark Oracle
"But Moooooom! We were having a duel!"
6/27/2018 c24 Dark Oracle
Hah, I do recall that idea you once had about our characters being merely actors playing out our work as theater, like a performance. Nice throwback!

Congrats on the viewcount, you've done an excellent job, Cross, and I hope to keep reading!
6/2/2018 c23 Dark Oracle
Power invites challenge and adversity, and it is the nature of mages to seek power. Those who understand this arise to greater heights, controlling their ambition in order to achieve true power. Those who do not will often crash and burn amidst the wreckage of their ego and arrogance.

It is for that reason that reckless mages, concerned with showboating, are troublesome, but ultimately have far more in common with a match than they do with the proverbial loose cannon. Those who cannot control their willful nature burn out, useless and melted by the fires of their ambition...but those who harness their nature and tame it for their own ends? They evolve beyond the tiny flame of a match into a roaring wildfire, for good or ill...
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