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5/4/2018 c6 11Inala
Fluff is good. But left more unanswered questions in my mind. The story is forming and I know you have a place you're headed, I'm just having difficulty figuring that place out. Could be lack of sleep though.

I enjoyed this as I do all your works. Keep up the excellent work.

I saw no mistakes that caught me eye.
4/7/2018 c5 Inala
Not matter what comes... no

This was sad, painful even, but what is life if not sadness and pain. If we only wrote about happiness, we would see no growth, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they grow together.

Thanks for this.
1/5/2018 c4 Inala
I'm dying to know what's going on! So many hints of pain and trouble and her secrets... really interesting. I hope to have more from you soon!
1/5/2018 c3 Inala
Talking animals? Am I in a His Dark Materials? Narnia?

Ok sorry, I know this is your story. Still excellent as usual.

There is a lot of pain in these few words, also so much discovery... as in she is discovering more to life. I'm going to read the next!
1/5/2018 c2 Inala
So much said, in such a short period of time! Again a wonderful piece. I'm so curious about what is going on. So I will keep reading.

Great job, keep it up!
1/5/2018 c1 Inala
Interesting opening. Again your description is excellent. I'm curious where this story will go, and I'm looking forward to it.

I saw one error: ... is beautiful," She mutters, lower case, she.

You've done such a good job with your Eryn stories so I know this will be good too.

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