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for Shattered- A Whisper Sisters Story

1/17 c13 SeanneMarie
Hi, I really like with the story even I'm not finished yet. But I can feel that you have great writing skill. anyway I want to give you an offer, but may I know your mailing acc? I will be glad that we can talk it at mail
9/13/2019 c35 kellea bandy
i enjoyed this story. nicely written. ill be looking out for more stories to come
3/19/2018 c36 18Sir Scott
Wow, that was a treat I didn't think there would be more. I look forward to reading the series with these characters in it. They have a special friendship.
~Sir Scott
3/19/2018 c34 Sir Scott
This was a pretty good story. One of the better ones that I have read on fictionpress. The tension at the end was pretty good. It's always sad to see a story end.
~Sir Scott
3/18/2018 c33 Sir Scott
Nice update. That was a twist I did not see coming.
~Sir Scott
3/18/2018 c32 Sir Scott
Alex is putting the pieces together. Sorry I didn't review sooner. Fictionpress has been acting up.
~Sir Scott
3/16/2018 c31 Sir Scott
Nice chapter you are pretty good at building tension.

~Sir Scott
3/14/2018 c30 Sir Scott
Caleb's nephew seems bubble off. Interesting chapter, I can probably guess his surprise.
~Sir Scott
3/12/2018 c29 Sir Scott
The pieces are starting to come together. I hope she finds Kate in time.
~Sir Scott
3/10/2018 c28 Sir Scott
That was a shocking end to this chapter.
~Sir Scott
3/8/2018 c27 Sir Scott
Good chapter for character growth. I'm glad that Alex is going to recover.
~Sir Scott
3/6/2018 c26 Sir Scott
It was pretty nice to see Alex fight the thug guarding the door. Caleb would be hard to take down, unless you were willing to die. So far this has been a good story to read.
~Sir Scott
3/3/2018 c25 Sir Scott
Good update. It was nice learning how the dog got his name.
~Sir Scott
3/2/2018 c24 Sir Scott
I was kind of hoping that she would shoot Byron, but that would not have been wise.
~Sir Scott
3/1/2018 c23 Sir Scott
It's good to see that Luke is willing to talk to them.
~Sir Scott
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