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for Shattered- A Whisper Sisters Story

2/27/2018 c22 18Sir Scott
That has to be tough for Kate to see the file of her case. Alex and Kate have a lot of stuff to work through.
~Sir Scott
2/25/2018 c21 Sir Scott
Pretty chapter. You really got into the mind of the mysterious killer.
~Sir Scott
2/23/2018 c20 Sir Scott
It's good to see Kate and Alex back together. I hope they are able to overcome all the stuff that has happened to them.
~Sir Scott
2/22/2018 c19 Sir Scott
It's good to see that Kate is out of the hospital. I hope she can recover mentally. Of course, I don't think you can ever fully recover from something like this.
~Sir Scott
2/20/2018 c18 Sir Scott
I enjoyed reading this two chapter. Even though it seems Alex and Kate never get a break. Keep up the good work.
~Sir Scott
2/14/2018 c16 Sir Scott
Good update. It does seem like guys like Sloane is untouchable. I hope Alex can put together a plan to stop him.
~Sir Scott
2/13/2018 c15 Sir Scott
Wow, Caleb knows how to tie up loose ends. It does seem that spoiled brats bring down a good organization.
~Sir Scott
2/9/2018 c14 Sir Scott
It's cool that Caleb finally makes an actual appearance in the story. He seems like a pretty tough villain.
~Sir Scott
2/6/2018 c13 Sir Scott
Wow, that was pretty good twist. So far she hasn't gotten any breaks.
~Sir Scott
2/2/2018 c12 Sir Scott
Good update. They have a tough job to do to bring down Sloane.
~Sir Scott
1/31/2018 c11 Sir Scott
Luke is a pretty good detective, but I can understand why Alex doesn't want to let him in.
~Sir Scott
1/28/2018 c10 Sir Scott
It would be hard to bring down the rich family that runs a town.
~Sir Scott
1/26/2018 c9 Sir Scott
The mystery thickens. I'm looking forward to them questioning Kate.

~Sir Scott
1/24/2018 c8 Sir Scott
Good update. Where you mention Kate's husband and the next sentence after that says Hazel was doing his autopsy could give the reader the impression that Hazel was performing the autopsy on Kate's husband. Interesting revelation Alex had about the killer.
~Sir Scott
1/22/2018 c7 Sir Scott
I did like how she dropped Jeremy Miller's name to see if he was still alive and mixed up in it.
Good update.
~Sir Scott
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