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for Shattered- A Whisper Sisters Story

1/21/2018 c6 18Sir Scott
I'm glad to see that you were able to update so soon. I hope the Captain is clean.
~Sir Scott
1/20/2018 c5 Sir Scott
I like the background information in the flashback scene. This story is getting better now that I'm getting a clearer picture on what's going on.
~Sir Scott
1/19/2018 c4 Sir Scott
Nice update. I'm sad that kid didn't make it, but that adds to the realism of the thing.

~Sir Scott
1/18/2018 c3 Sir Scott
I hope the little boy doesn't die and I'm curious to learn more about the villains.
~Sir Scott
1/17/2018 c2 Sir Scott
A pretty good start. I'm interested in learning who more about all the players. I hope Alex gets her leg fixed in time.
~Sir Scott
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