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for Six Tails Short

3/30/2018 c2 1Hwannie
Luciana is strangely compliant, but since they saved her, and fixing her house doesn't seem to cost her, and the fact that a session cost 600, I guess it makes sense. I feel like this was hastily written, and I would've loved to see you expand more on the scenes, but I guess minimalism has its own merits.

It's a pity Will was out most of the fight, since we see through his eyes and I was really curious about the current extent of her abilities, with six tails short. Good job though, looking forward to the next chapter!
3/27/2018 c2 2JaDeCe
So do I Will. So do I.

And the hunt begins. I liked this chapter especially being able to see how the mages work. Its neat. Starting ro like Shiruba more and more. Girl power babe.

Good chapter and keep it up friend.
3/27/2018 c1 JaDeCe
Ooo me like.

First off, I already feel a connection with Crochet. Besides the odor I can relate to him. Plus he does seem cool, so cheer up Shiruba.

Will's family left him a mansion. I'd be lucky if mine left me a car. He has enough room for my whole family to stay there. Where do I sign up to move in 360. I can come today. Lol.

But forreal, the thing that was stolen from Shiruba were 6 of her tails. How is that even possible? Girl you better get your tails back.

I like the characters. Its just the first chapter and i already feel a connection with them. Will is just really friendly and i do agree with Crochet. Thats going to kill him one day. I mean the dude leaves his keys in the car. Crazy.

But anyway, good chapter. And on to the next i go.
3/24/2018 c1 5lirianstar
Shiruba! I see what you did there ~

A mysterious guy and a kitsune yokai!
Sounds like 'fun' times are starting. Will seems almost way too complacent with the happening though. Either he's naturally easy going or he's got some crazy cool powers he's hiding for now.

I wonder how Silver lost her tails?
3/22/2018 c1 1Hwannie
I like Will, he sounds like an old man trapped in a younger body. No wonder Shiruba couldn't disguise herself, six of her tails are missing. But then again, she should still manage to do something as simple as that, right? Considering she's a nine-tails. It's one of the strongest, if not THE strongest creatures in Japanese folklore.

Crochet sounds like he cares about Will a lot, despite being so flippant about their meeting. I wonder what happened to Will's family? And what about Shiruba's tails? Looking forward to seeing it unravel!

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