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10/4/2021 c65 thereceiv3r
Interesting. There's conflict when there's too many ideas, and no motion when there's like ideas. Though, ideas will never cease when there are human creatures.
6/15/2021 c60 HouseOfJack
I would question the exact 'logical' nature of your deduction here. Note how each scenario occurs as it does (with the man 'asking', or similar) due to social conventions in how we act. And when I say 'we' here, I mostly mean a contemporary Western people, which is where most of these social conventions come from. In another culture, non-Western or perhaps in the past, such social conventions may differ, and hence the logical conclusion you draw would be unsound.

A similar argument to your own could be made regarding the on-average greater physical strength of men. Does it make men 'superior'? I would think not. Actually, I would not consider either sex superior. Attempting to argue such is an exercise in futility, and a little demeaning. Male and female are both unique. There is no need to try and describe one as 'better' than the other.
4/2/2021 c60 HarleyNoir
If only all the people on this planet realized that :(
4/2/2021 c52 HarleyNoir
Five million years more advanced? Oh there's definitely life there.
4/1/2021 c51 HarleyNoir
That makes sense. I believe all babies start in heaven, as innocent and free souls. I've always believed this is why evil spirits go after babies and there are certain superstitions in order to keep babies safe from evil we cannot see.
3/27/2021 c40 HarleyNoir
Love is so confusing, it's just like playing with fire.
3/27/2021 c39 HarleNoir
I agree. Always try to find the good in life, because you never know how long you're going to live.
3/19/2021 c36 HarleyNoir
People say I have a really wild imagination. Probably because I'm an artist of many things. I make music, I make books, film, photograph, draw. That all requires a lot of imagination. And I think everyone has a wild imagination, some people just don't take time to realize it.

Additionally, when you read a story; I think we base images of people based on things we've seen, learned, wish for, or experienced. Some people picture a certain character as an actor they've seen on television. For some when they hear of a "cute boy" or a "cute girl," they'll think of someone adorable, or attractive, or make up someone in their mind that has the features they find cute.

I don't know what I'd do without my imagination. And it's definitely a subject I can talk about for hours.
3/21/2021 c36 5HarleyNoir
I always use my imagination whether it's to draw, write a story, etc. Overall I think everyone has a wild imagination, but some people just don't take time to use it.
3/9/2021 c21 HarleyNoir
I totally understand that. As the years pass by social media is getting more and more toxic, so I'm glad you got off. I only use Instagram now and then to watch these cool Instagram edits. Other than that, I don't post anything. I don't talk to anyone. I'm happy that I don't because I know so many people that have been hated on for literally no reason.
3/9/2021 c15 HarleyNoir
This got me thinking a lot more about good vs. bad. Personally, I also think there cannot be good without evil. I wish there was but, that's just not how it is. There is no such thing as a "perfect person" or an "evil person," those are just how characters seem in books and tv shows sometimes. For every child born healthy and strong on this earth, there's another child battling a disease.
Then, there is evil or bad that lead to the greater good. I'm not vegetarian so every piece of chicken, bacon, fish, I eat; those animals were killed for people like me to have food. Obviously, killing these innocent animals aren't good. Maybe if I never tried those foods, maybe if there was never even an option of killing animals, they wouldn't be suffering.
12/29/2020 c7 HarleyNoir
Dreams, how I do love dreams. Now I honestly think dreams depend on what you are strongly feeling or thinking about. I do not know the LOGICAL explanation so do not quote me but let me give u a few examples of times when I dreamed about something or someone I was thinking about earlier.
1. A time I was thinking about Blackpink, they're a K Pop group and I was watching them all day, that night I dreamed of being on an adventure with them.
2. A time I was thinking all day about my favorite show, that night I dreamed I was a part of it
3. One time I thought about a prior dream I had and that night I dreamt of a continuation of that dream.

That's something else that happens though, I won't be constantly thinking of a dream but Sometimes I dream the same thing more than once, or if I wake up and then go back to sleep right after I either dream a continuation of a prior dream or something completely different, if that makes sense. Then there are times when I dream something completely random, why? I have no fricken clue.

Now as for lucid dreaming, that's actually something I've been having more of. When I was younger there would be very few times where I would have lucid dreams, and now that I'm older, I tend to realize that I'm dreaming and either make decisions I would never make in real life, or literally pause my nightmare to have a better dream. The thing I love about my lucid dreams is the freedom, then I wake up and I'm like, "Wait no, I wanna do that again!"

Lastly, remembering dreams, I struggle with this a lot. I mostly remember dreams I have had more than once, nightmares, or lucid dreams.
11/12/2020 c65 19Renulen
Really thought provoking here.
10/26/2020 c60 Guest
Oh I like this! I'm at that stage I guess it pretty common amongst teenage girls and young women where being a woman is almost something you haven't paid much mind to, then you get dunked into the heady broils of history, life, politics and everything that shapes your ideas and self image. It is comments like this that whether we take seriously or not can greatly impact our ideas of ourselves, or me anyway. I'm very into history and a conflicting topic has always been how women are viewed as the inferior sex (personally I just believe both are equal just different, though I like to joke-argue that girls are better) I remind myself that those times are over but that doesn't change the fact that everytime I read a book or brochure or something of the sort that is centuries old, I come across a derogatory remark and I feel a sting inside me and I honestly wonder how it got to such a point in time where women were so restricted and where for so long men were deaf to their voices... This is just a hot topic for me, but I like your essays and I think is says a lot about your writing that you are able to provoke such responses with so little. Well done.
8/12/2020 c7 97Shadowgate
This reminds me a little bit of my psychology class I took in college. I'm happy to learn the meaning of oneirology. My mom collected a bunch of books on dreams when I was a kid. I believe dreams are fake visions while our bodies recover from exhaustion.
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