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for While My Guitar Gently Weeps

1/13/2019 c1 jimmy
love to hear more of the story
5/18/2018 c1 11ResonantCrimson
You left such a lovely review on one of my pieces; I had to come to your profile and see what kind of stuff you have written. And since I'm a total slash nerd, this had to be the first thing I read.

You use description in such a beautiful way. The way you describe the characters, their surroundings, everything is so poetic and I'm left jealous. It takes talent to be able to bend words to your will like you do. And the length was perfect. Anything else, I think, would have been baggage, so you chose a good time and place to end it.

For your first time writing M/M, I have to say I was impressed. There's people who've been writing it for longer and don't even come close to how lovely this fiction was. It truly shows you don't have to be LGBT to be able to write gay / lesbian relationships in a true and believable manner. You certainly accomplished both of those points.

You've earned a spot on my followed authors. Keep up the good work!
5/11/2018 c1 10Emoddess
This was bittersweet, cute and nice to read! I love the way you write this though and it being your first time writing a M/M story, good job! I like the descriptions of the way Ken played his guitar, how it brings the environment into focus and then putting a spotlight on Jason out of the crowd. The title and summary of the story captures correctly, especially the first half of the story. I thought this was going to be a bittersweet one where he confessed to Jason but his crush doesn't feel the same way but good to know it has a nice ending for them both :D

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