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for A werewolf in a time of Shamblers

12/28/2021 c3 noenoway
Such a great story and you should update more of this story. Oh I feel you should check about werewolf writing contest too. Here is the link:
bit. ly/ 2Yr0vLC
p.s: you should delete the space of the link first
5/21/2018 c4 Mrsneroon
Interesting, go on
5/20/2018 c4 1BbK2442
Yep, definitely reading shades of Larry Correia here, even without the very direct reference.

I wonder though, if moonlight is just reflected sunlight, why aren't werewolves constantly transforming in the day? Or does the whole "werewolf transforms in the moonlight" actually have nothing to do with the moon, and is based on something else entirely that occurs monthly at night?
5/19/2018 c2 BbK2442
Okay, now this reminds me of the "Monster Hunter" series by Larry Correia. I wonder if the main character is going to get picked up by a mysterious organization now?
5/19/2018 c1 BbK2442
Huh. This is an interesting take on the werewolf genre. It reminds me of John Ringo's "The Last Centurion", but with werewolves.

I want to ask though: why the difference between the normal werewolves and the "Wulven"? Is it 2 different viruses, or is it a difference in how the same virus interacts with different humans?

And about the Wulven's equipment: if Wulvens are larger and stronger than normal humans, wouldn't it make more sense to give the MC a .50 caliber rifle like the M82 Barrett?
5/19/2018 c2 phoenix rampant
Off to a good start, kind of reminds me of "The Last Centurion" by John Ringo and "The Demon Accords" series by John Conroe.

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