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12/28/2018 c1 83The Keyboard Poet
Very good
12/2/2018 c1 11mia.c.sundby
A funny twist! I love the bit at the end where the cop walks up to a giggling robber. Brilliant image to end on.
11/19/2018 c1 19PassionateStylus
Hahaha. What a lovely little story. And such an unexpected twist as well. While I do suggest polishing up your grammar a little, it is a pleasant read as-is. Just so you know, I think the word you meant to use in the second paragraph is "jailbreak", not "gaolbreak", though it could work as a substitute for a setting on an alien planet or something.
11/7/2018 c1 23American Chimpanzee
Hi, ZM. I like your description of this story. It reminds me of the short, Short, SHORT story by Fredrik Brown. It goes: "The last man on earth sat alone in the room. There was a knock at the door."
By the way, I like your story as well.
Nice twist at the end.
7/7/2018 c1 Goonipers
OK, I was surprised at the scream. It was funny after that.
7/6/2018 c1 2Vicki Lawson
Funny stuff!
7/6/2018 c1 Anne Messervy
Very funny!
7/6/2018 c1 Your Sister
This is very funny

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