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1/5/2022 c5 anna Marry
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5/18/2020 c27 slcjnk2008
You made me laugh thinking back about Dray's ride on Ky's dragon. Telling Anjuli about her Pa was very well done. My heart hurt for her as Dray had said, 'a small piece of her innocence was taken away from her'. I'm not sure how I feel about Shani's plan to have Saadir take the blame for her death and become a vampire even though it will be Hawke who shoots her. It sounds very risky to me. But she does have all of them there to ensure it all goes right, and I can't help but wonder if her gifts will be enhanced as a vampire and she'll be able to find more of the missing artifacts? Really good chapter.
5/17/2020 c26 slcjnk2008
I'm glad to have a nice calm chapter to read after all the drama and death we've been through emotionally as a reader. Seeing Yasmin and Wade's relationship grow is really sweet, hot but sweet and I'm happy that she's decided to stay with Wade and remain doing what she loves as a teacher to Finn and the other children.
I'd almost forgotten about Saadir. How is Dray going to deal with him now without Marek's knowledge of that dirtbag? and free Shani and Anjuli from him forever. I can't wait to find out.
Marek seemed to be very confident that Alaric will be able to find the Seal of Solomon at the right time and restore the balance and destroy Morganna and Scorpion once and for all. Now where did he hide it, I'm impatient to find out and he did seem quite pleased with his hiding place.
5/17/2020 c25 slcjnk2008
Wonderful chapter, but also so sad with Marek's death. Alaric helping Marek's soul to cross over was a beautiful thing for him to do. Knowing he's together with his wife has to be some comfort to Eytan and Shani. I know it is to me and having Gwynn say he had earned back his nephilim status and could be buried in the family's cemetery on Fey was very touching. I'm so excited to see what they're all going to do going forward now that the barrier is down. And what's with Jacob blaming Layla for becoming a rephaim? Lastly, I just want to say yuck with spiders!
5/7/2020 c31 18Moonvibe
Another stellar accomplishment in fantastic storytelling!

This chapter was the fitting end to a super compelling tale, being that Saadir's tormented demise was everything I'd hoped for. He really got it in the end! ;) And Dray's happiness with his newfound family was warm and fulfilling in all the right ways. To see such a stern, dutiful character receive long overdue joy and love in life was very, very rewarding. :)

And I always enjoy the glimpses in the Guild, esp when it's Cruella and Dr. Evil. Lol. As interesting as the protagonists are in your tales, the baddies are always so compelling and so much fun. Their evil, twisted ways are just the sort of unbridled threat which gives rise to all manner of dire circumstances. And the exchanges between Morgana and Scorpion are always the best! Of course the glimpse of the real big bad was a special treat to end this book with. Treacherous times are ahead for the Alliance for sure!

Congrats on completing another amazing book in this wonderfully crafted and endlessly entertaining series. As usual, every chapter was compelling, immersive, and just downright fun.
5/3/2020 c30 Moonvibe
Another excellent chapter!

Marek's funeral was a solemn occasion to be sure, but so much came to light during such a dark hour. Shani's gift, or lack of, Juli's emerging Druid capabilities, Yasmin's realization of being Mated, (which was perfect btw. Lol ), Megan's new two-way line to the Angels, and so much more! Wow, this chapter had a lot of revelation to it! It's all very tantalizing for the tale at hand as well as what may come.

And leave it to Alex to break the tension with his dark and twisted sense of humor. Lol. As always the banter was so witty and fun between characters.

It seems Jacob will be the latest Judas. ;) Def gotta keep a close eye on that guy. The Guild always seems to find a way...

Great chapter!
4/26/2020 c29 Moonvibe
I love it when a plan comes together! What an exhilarating chapter!

The Alliance team had all bases covered. Saadir and his goons never saw it coming. It was good to witness Shani finally get her say against her gangster husband face to face, even if his rebuttals were harsh to say the least. I think Dray's resolve and composure just leveled up after what he forced himself to endure. Lol

And who doesn't love some good ole retribution doled out on slime ball baddies by dragons? That was fantastic! I love it when baddies get their comeuppance. ;) Although I must admit that Alex's tenderizing was just as much fun. I love that guy. Lol.

Having Shani's surgical implants ejected from her body by the transformation into vampire was a brilliant touch. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole chapter, filled with concern and anticipation for the outcome, and that's because I've come to know and love these characters. I'm totally invested in them when I read these phenomenal tales of yours and that's a true credit to your writing and development. I look forward to having Shani around with the rest of the cast now. And Dray's assessment of Anjuli's reaction to Shani's new state was just the best. Lol

Fantastic chapter!
4/16/2020 c28 Moonvibe
What a fantastically gripping chapter!

From the sweet, endearing moments between Dray and Anjuli to all the anxious anticipation leading up to the night's plan involving Shani and Saadir, this was such a great read. The tension and anxiety surrounding the plan for Shani was fueled brilliantly by the high risk and uncertainty. It seems all the A-list members of the Alliance are involved in some capacity or another, so that's reassuring, but the nervousness suffered by Shani was palpable. And Dray's inner fears and frustration were conveyed superbly by his restrained and somewhat poised demeanor.

The exchange of blood was nicely erotic too. I loved the throwback to Vanessa and how Shani was finally able to stake her claim in Dray's office. ;)

Once again you've done an excellent job of managing the larger cast within the plot by mentioning their parts in the plan or by having them participate out of focus like Nadia dropping the text to Teagan about the departure from the manor. The way you casually include these characters in the plot is just wonderfully done, and not only does it keep them relevant, but it also strengthens the fabric of this series as a whole.

And what a cliffy! Well done I say! With everyone in position, ready to pounce if things go awry, I was left on the edge of my seat wallowing helplessly in my own anticipation. Just awesome storytelling.

Another amazingly written chapter that has me eagerly awaiting more!
4/3/2020 c24 slcjnk2008
I'm devastated by Marek's death. I'm going to miss him so much. How will Shani and Eytan ever move on from losing him? And Morganna and Scorpion escaped again. Drat. But I'm curious, with Saunders being able to shift, does it mean now that everyone including the spiders can escape from the Valley? Will Eytan be able to leave with the group? And why is Gary able to shift. I love following this story and seeing all these impossibilities become possibilities in my mind. Great work and wonderful chapter.
4/3/2020 c23 slcjnk2008
Fantastic chapter. I don't know what's happening yet with Alaric and the gang in the Valley, but they need to wrestle the Thunderstone away from Morganna and seal it up again so Wade and Yasmin can continue their romance without any interference from Morganna's evil. Besides, Wade is being so sweet romancing Yasmin, I want to see more of them. Wouldn't it be satisfying though to see the basilisk bite Morganna in half and end her reign of terror, get back the Thunderstone, then they would only have to deal with and finish off Scorpion and his minions and find the rest of the artifacts.
3/24/2020 c22 slcjnk2008
Great chapter, only your writing can bring out my angst for the danger this group faces. I loved the basilisk with Shani, that was so sweet. And Alaric was so close to getting Scorpion, drat. And Morganna got to the Thunderstone first, but you left us on a cliffhanger with all hell breaking loose. I hope whatever's happening means Alaric can wrest the Thunderstone away from Morganna, please, please. They really need a break from constantly being thwarted and so do I. Fantastic writing as always.
2/24/2020 c27 Moonvibe
What a gripping chapter!

The return to the manor was somber in light of the news of Marek's passing, esp to little Anjuli, but Saadir soon took center stage. I enjoyed the hush-hush pact formed by Dray and Wade at the start to take care of Saadir, but it was Shani's brazen plan that shocked me. Her decision to become a vampire is a rational one given who she's now mated to, but her willingness to use it as a means to rid her life of Saadir was incredibly bold and daring. And talk about some creative ways to enact it. Lol.

And speaking of bold, Saadir's near assault on Saladin's place was unexpected too. This poor sap really has no idea who all he's pissed off. Lol. I can't wait to see how things unfold! Great chapter!
2/2/2020 c26 Moonvibe
This was a very fun chapter despite the dire circumstances preceding it, thanks to the levity generated by Shani and Yasmin. As always the banter was witty and entertaining, as well as meaningful to the story and situation these characters find themselves in.

Dray's uncertainty of how to handle Shani's volatile mood and his growing unease of the situation was all too familiar. Lol. It was amusing to watch him squirm under the pressure since handling such a thing is well outside of his skill set, but he's a quick study. ;)

The last part of the chapter with Shani and Yasmin's conversation felt very organic and real, def like they have been very close for a long time and have a bond of friendship forged through countless scenarios of shared experiences. You do such a wonderful job of fleshing these characters out and making them feel so very real, not only to the reader but to the fabric of interwoven characters involved in the tale also.

Time for the Alliance to regroup and re-calibrate their strategy. I hope Marek's final words have given them the direction needed to proceed. At least Yasmin knows what road to take in life. ;)

Another great chapter!
1/27/2020 c25 Moonvibe
This was a somber chapter with very sobering realizations in regards to the repercussions of the barrier no longer separating the valley from the rest of Fey. I especially appreciated the small feeling of closure Dray was able to experience in relating his past regrets concerning his fallen people to bearing Marek's body as an act of honor and recompense. Integration of formerly banished people is one thing, but all those freakish and nightmarish creatures on the loose would be my utmost concern. Lol.

It was a very cool thing to witness Alaric's angelic duties, and it added a very touching end to Marek's tale. It seems his son has fallen into good hands now that he's able to be united with his extended and blended family. No doubt both Fey and the Alliance will benefit from his addition.

Yet again the Alliance members find themselves regrouping in order to formulate a new course of action, knowing now that Morganna is more dangerous than ever with the power of the Thunderstone at her disposal. The stakes seem higher than ever and the events of this series continue to culminate towards all things fantastical and epic!

Great writing and another great chapter!
1/18/2020 c24 Moonvibe
Wow, what a poignant ending to another fantastic chapter. R.I.P. Marek. His sacrifice was as heroic and noble as he himself had become through the reformation of his life after Morganna. A fitting end for his character.

And the confrontation with Morganna and Scorpion was as intense as I expected. The evil sorceress wielded the power of the Thunderstone all too well. It has the power to make her confidence match her cockiness and that's dangerous for everybody. Lol. Though I think the most shocking revelation was the apparent breaking of barriers that allowed Sanders to shift. What does this mean for that realm and its inhabitants? Very interesting.

I loved the illustrative writing in this chapter. The images inside the tunnel and cavern were brought to life vividly and brilliantly! And the dramatic turn of events has the Alliance reeling for the moment, but Marek's final words about the seal and Ariel's intent have me pondering how something might finally go their way. Great chapter!
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