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6/2/2019 c5 18Sir Scott
Good story. In the end I believe Homozilla did need took out.
~Sir Scott
4/1/2019 c4 AdamFriedland
This story was clearly written by a seriously mentally ill person.

The main character Arvin uses the same logic as school shooters. Instead of taking his dad's AR-15 and shooting up his school, he becomes a giant and does arguably more destruction than that. His reason? He was bullied in high school.

Let's not forget that the author fails to give any example of this bullying and it's only mentioned by Arvin. Arvin repeatedly claims to have been bullied and called homophobic slurs by the entire town he lives in. Strangely, he himself uses those same slurs and exercises more violence than any of his bullies did.

I'm not even getting into how ridiculous it is that Arvin's father is responsible for such destruction. Also, it's ridiculous that one of Arvin's gripes is that his local radio station plays pop music instead of band like Iron Maiden or Slayer. Never mind the fact that we live in an age of music streaming where he could just stream those bands and there are stations that play that kind of music.

People like Arvin need to be euthanized or lobotomized before they cause such harm to society. Hopefully the story ends with him either being brought to justice by the military. If not, I would gladly write a fanfiction of this story where Arvin's father gets thrown into a gulag for conspiring against the country and Arvin himself hangs himself instead causing such destruction.

Get help dude.
11/11/2018 c4 Sir Scott
At least he took care of the cops. I figured he would have demanded that they free his father.
~Sir Scott
11/6/2018 c3 Sir Scott
I'm glad that he is getting even with everyone and I love what he said to the radio station.
~Sir Scott
11/5/2018 c2 Sir Scott
Wow, I was surprised that the two boys shot Eric, but what Arvin did to Bonnie was funny.
~Sir Scott
9/23/2018 c1 Sir Scott
Good start. I do hope that he gets even with the bullies.
~Sir Scott

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