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for A World Torn Asunder (Part of Neue Dreisland Projekt)

11/9/2019 c3 3Ser Quicksand
Glad to see you're back and working on this again!

I certainly can understand Chris's hesitance and reluctance to leave her MiG behind due to just generally feeling familiar and comfortable with it, for sure. Fritz being a little confused and unsure of what to think on being sent back to his homeland makes me think that something might be up, and to find out mere hours before that he's supposed to leave at 2AM is probably enough to make most people unsettled.

Chris and Maija's friendship is something I'm enjoying too, and it comes across as something pretty natural and organic as well, despite (or perhaps because of) them being as different as they are personality-wise. For example, Maija teasing Chris over her old MiG was a nice little bit. I like the nice little detail of the book Fritz was reading being one that Chris's mother had written as well. Also, Kemal's "how the hell did you do that?" response to Fritz's accomplishments was kind of funny.

I'm curious as to just what exactly the group that, I'm presuming could turn into the "main group" have been signed up for. It'll be interesting to see where things go from here and I'm really looking forward to it. Keep up the good work!
5/30/2019 c2 Ser Quicksand
Hey, you're back with a new chapter! I'm liking the little bits of friendship between Maija and Christina, and Maija's attempts to really try and get the name "Itano Circus" to stick, much to Christina's chagrin is actually kind of funny.

That attack and the nature of the missile involved feels like something that's going to be important a little later on, so I'm curious on how that develops. As well, it was pretty interesting to see what I presume to be the other side of the attack's point of the, and I liked the bit of echoing with the whole "Whoever shoots first usually wins" thing.

All in all, I'm glad you're back and updating this. I'm looking forward to seeing how things start shaping up down the line. Good job.
11/11/2018 c1 Ser Quicksand
Nicely done, it's a good starting chapter and concept.

I like how instead of going with the "traditional" method of a "space civilization comes to invade Earth" story like is often used, you changed it up a bit. While normally the concept is that humanity is drawn together and the war is essentially "people vs aliens", it sounds to me like the idea is the "aliens" aiding different factions in the war. I think there's a good amount of potential there, and I'm hoping more gets added.

Also, even though it may seem to be a little thing to others, I like the attention to detail of using real life models of airplanes ranging from the 1930s to the early 1980s (from what I could tell). As somebody who's always been interested in World War II history and was interested in learning more about it, that sort of thing I appreciate. I actually enjoyed reading up on s

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