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for A City of War

11/9/2018 c2 1demarcationline
I would have swore he was the other guy! Still, it makes sense that he wouldn't want people to see his routine. Tina seems to pretty adaptable, considering everything going on. We also got a little more backstory regarding the general state of the world, and it was fit into the narrative pretty well. It's kinda funny that Morgan reacted to being called a wizard the way he did, considering that mages are behind a veil of sorts. Maybe being called a wizard is the mage equivalent of being called a charlatan? Great culture building.
11/6/2018 c1 demarcationline
While I am normally a sucker for a coffee shop scene, I enjoyed the entirety of this chapter. I liked the fight scene; it was quick and brutal, and didn't have unnecessary dialogue slowing it down. It sort of gives the feel that both sides of this fight are very professional in what they do. It was also subtle, but it seems like a little of how the organizations they work with operate shines through in their actions to acquire the stones.

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