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for Humanimal Halloween Stories

4/26/2019 c4 18Sir Scott
That was interesting. Something in his DNA must have made him appealing to the hooker.
~Sir Scott
4/26/2019 c3 Sir Scott
I'm glad he survived his encounter with the Halloween Hunter. It's sad that his classmates made fun of him.
~Sir Scott
4/26/2019 c2 Sir Scott
I would say a lot of people would choose to stay like Jenny. Although, riches are promised in the afterlife.
~Sir Scott
4/26/2019 c1 Sir Scott
Pretty good. It's too bad she didn't hook up with her Master at the end.
~Sir Scott
3/15/2019 c3 Aviick
Very good details in the story. Helped me to visualize the story. I can tell that you’ve had some good conversations with the other about telling the story with details to help draw it out. Good work!
2/11/2019 c2 4KingLobster
Not bad, but it didn't stand out. Probably just because I've always found gohsts a little boring.
2/9/2019 c1 KingLobster
this is much better than most of your stuff. i would not try to publish it by it self, but i think i might submit it to a maggozeen
11/9/2018 c2 aviick
That was kind of depressing in that she chose to remain behind and be a ghost and not move on. Certainly, there could be many reasons for this but sadly none are more obvious than her instincts telling her. What of reason in a changing world. The humanimals still must be aware.

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