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1/3/2020 c41 38addledwalrus
I appreciate the shout-out to the bush fires happening here. I guess they've made international news?
1/2/2020 c15 IIIRichard3
This never fails to make me laugh
12/25/2019 c39 13The Spectacular SpiderDom
Damn. I laughed my ass off at Miley’s message! Figured that’s something she would do for the holidays :)
9/29/2019 c1 IIIRichard3
idk what this is...but I can't wait to read more.
9/8/2019 c5 The Spectacular SpiderDom
I wanna pizza too! I mean, I’m all for respect but I want me a pizza
9/7/2019 c1 The Spectacular SpiderDom
Dear God... LOL! Why do I find this hilarious?
7/15/2019 c22 4zm
very clever
7/15/2019 c19 zm
7/15/2019 c17 zm
6/17/2019 c18 3Vicki Lawson
"So is Pam Anderson and Paris Hilton."
5/15/2019 c7 6caf
brother i wish i had this kind of talent. this is hilarious

would you be ok if i tried to write something similar?
3/6/2019 c4 1Smilesforeverhappy
3/6/2019 c3 Smilesforeverhappy
3/6/2019 c2 Smilesforeverhappy
Why is this sooooo funny?
3/6/2019 c1 Smilesforeverhappy
I learned a new word today. "Bemoan"
It's beautiful.
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