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11/30/2018 c11 18Sir Scott
Beautiful story and the last chapter was inspiring.
~Sir Scott
11/19/2018 c7 Sir Scott
It seems like we have quite a love triangle going on or is it a square. I'm glad she overcame her fear.
~Sir Scott
11/12/2018 c6 Sir Scott
Having longings like that never get fulfilled, at least not in the way we desire. Good descriptions.
~Sir Scott
11/11/2018 c5 Sir Scott
I'm glad that she has gotten a name. I do feel sorry for the males of this new pack, but, at least, they are understanding.
~Sir Scott
11/3/2018 c3 Sir Scott
Very good writing style. It's sad that all the males are bad in this story.
~Sir Scott
11/2/2018 c2 Sir Scott
So far a promising story. I am intrigued to read more.
~Sir Scott

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