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1/10/2020 c49 A Great Admirer
previous summer in Surrey - previous summer, in Surrey

hand bold, looping hand - bold, looping hand

complete disinheriting of her son - complete disinheritance of her son

The marriage of Maria and Domingo comes as somewhat of a shock - and very 'out-of-the-blue' - perhaps predictable, but still very abrupt. Perhaps a paragraph inserted at this point detailing the development of attachment between Maria and Domingo - or a love already present but not here-to-fore acknowledged - through Maria's letters to Sophia? - I think might be more satisfying than the single sentence -'...as indeed they did, four months into their own marriage'.
1/10/2020 c48 A Great Admirer
You talk very strangely for a man - You are very forward for a man

much to amuse her there - much to amuse herself there

at the opera, none of it - at the opera - none of it

to think of all this fracas - to sort out the confusion of her thoughts

one glorious sight; Diana - one glorious sight - Diana

despite how callously she had treated him - despite the callousness of her treatment of him
1/10/2020 c47 A Great Admirer
horrible for the both of them - horrible for both of them

no, not truly - no, truly I do not blame you; it was only...

proud cut of her eyes - proud look of her eyes

Herrera ladies to bow to her - Herrera ladies to curtsy to her
1/10/2020 c45 A Great Admirer
lest anyone see her - lest anyone should see her

dove, ticking Sophia - dove, tickling Sophia

he kindly turned it into a cough - what is 'it'?
1/9/2020 c44 A Great Admirer
clanked against the try - clinked against the tray
1/9/2020 c43 A Great Admirer
I am going to have to re-read the last few chapters again. Somehow I cannot seem to understand the 'bluff' pulled on Mr. Herrera by the others - blank sheets of paper?

their father's infinitesimal questions - questions as to the minutest details pertaining to ?

Is Sophia going to allow Captain Mayfair to find the real documents? Very confused!
1/8/2020 c42 A Great Admirer
was used to hosting - were used to hosting
1/8/2020 c41 A Great Admirer
As mine were at least - As mine was at least

Without the confrontation, the text is somewhat disjointed, confusing. I thought that what the sisters were referring to was what happened during Diana's interview with her father, not a subsequent conference with both sisters present.
1/8/2020 c40 Guest
As it did then - As it did now.
1/7/2020 c39 Guest
(as always) we will - we shall

Mr. Matthew Jamesons' - Mr. Matthew Jameson's
1/7/2020 c38 A Great Admirer
that pendant I have you last Christmas - that pendant I gave you last Christmas

carefully in a gold of her skirt - carefully in a fold of her skirt
1/7/2020 c37 A Great Admirer
invite me to be a bored Rose - invite me to be a bore Rose

would you allow William and I - would you allow William and me
1/6/2020 c47 A Great Admirer
galerie des glaces - galerie de miroirs
1/6/2020 c36 A Great Admirer
multicolored class - multicolored glass

obscure its seen - obscure its sheen

I am always too kind to the ladies - too Dickensonian!

escort her one more - escort her once more
1/6/2020 c35 Guest
One the match was lit - Once the match was lit

Mrs. Bryce startled - Mrs. Bryce started

had nearly to yell - had nearly to shout
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