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for The 6 Gifts - Book 1 - The One

9/3 c10 Weeinterpreter
It's really good to see Tyler being more proactive in these chapters, saving his girlfriend. I like that we have a bigger risk and danger to anyone who knows and likes Tyler of getting hurt.
There was a lot of insights into Tyler's and Jessica's inner thoughts, and there was a lot of pathos (perhaps a little bit too much for me). I do like the added conflict, though, between Luke and Tyler, and I am looking forward to how they will resolve this. Obviously, Luke is the more powerful, but I wonder if he's just accept the extra roommate or if he'll do something... rash.
9/3 c8 Weeinterpreter
I'm glad to see that the story is picking up speed. It took a while for something to happen or rather for Tyler to do something. So far, there was a lot of things happening TO him, and him just passively reacting.
We get a lot of insights into his psyche, and understand that he doesn't want this life or this reality. His life is no longer his own, and he is more or less the plaything of Luke, I feel, someone who shouldn't be trusted.
6/10 c5 Guest
"Okay, first of all." I said, annoyed at that remark. "I'm eighteen, no longer a child, okay."

That was my favourite part in this chapter, haha. I love how you manage to put some comedy in this otherwise serious situation!
6/10 c3 Weeinterpreter
Oh damn, I feel so bad for Tyler. All he wanted to do was fly and instead he gets punished with immortality. :-(
I hope he manages to find a way out of this... or at least punish Luke, who I majorly dislike. What a bully!
6/5 c1 Weeinterpreter
Finally got around to start reading your story and I am intrigued! Lots of foreboding, which is great, and left me excited how it will continue.
I really love Tyler and Jessica's little pillow talk, they seem very cute together. :-)

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