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11/27 c37 11empiresofwater
I wonder what Daisy and Lucian have got themselves into! Then again, the Temple of Peace did seem pretty shady. I liked Delia trying to go through her morning routine in her bedraggled state and trying to navigate around Lucian’s impoverished flat.
11/16 c36 5CalvinHobbesGatsby
Blake should absolutely tell Delia how he feels, before he loses her
11/16 c36 11empiresofwater
I liked seeing more of Lady Agatha in this chapter – and speaking the cold truth to Blake as well! Although I do feel she has been manipulating Delia like Blake has. Maybe she hasn’t realised that side yet! I like the ongoing thread about the Temple of Peace as well, and how she is caught up in that.
11/3 c35 empiresofwater
I like the description of the ceremony and how Delia is getting involved in it. I wonder how this will help her on her next journey! Daisy seems to be bringing out a more adventurous side to her, even if she is guiding her around and making her do stuff as much as Lady Violet was! Perhaps you could show some of the other characters’ personality traits instead of telling them? Like, Lucian is described as ‘shy’ twice but he didn’t seem that shy throughout the rest of the chapter!
10/23 c34 empiresofwater
I like Delia running around and trying to find things that fit her – that bit was cute! It’s nice to see her and Daisy have some adventures together, although no girl would like someone groping her out of the blue. Maybe Delia could feel alive just from the drink and the music and the freedom of being away from Lady Violet and Mrs Huddleston!
10/22 c34 5CalvinHobbesGatsby
Delia has to do a pity dance lol.
10/2 c33 11empiresofwater
I like seeing Daisy and Delia together! I feel like they lean a little bit to the stereotypical male fantasy (whenever two female characters wrestle and tickle on a bed or do anything like that (and there’s no intention of developing a romantic arc between them), it’s an instant red alert that the author is not a woman LOL) but it’s nice to see them doing something. To strip away some of that fluffy/stereotypical aura, I’d love Daisy’s feelings to be foregrounded so like...instead of mentioning her skimpy outfit in the first sentence, I’d love to see how she feels about her music and performance. Even when she’s giving instructions, she doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously – I want to see how passionate she is about music, as that is her thing and Blake can’t take that away from her!
10/1 c33 5CalvinHobbesGatsby
Well the title is truthful, Delia is indeed a troublemaker, that’s what makes her fun.
9/9 c32 CalvinHobbesGatsby
It isn't fair that Delia has to be under the thumbs of these cruel people. Hopefully, she can get the Hell away from them.
9/6 c32 11empiresofwater
Nice to see Daisy back! I wonder where she has been all this time, and what she’s got to tell Delia. It’d be nice to see Daisy’s adventures too, I love her confidence and agency. Delia could learn a thing or two LOL. I hope they can run away together and get away from Blake and Lady Violet, who just seem intent on using Delia for everything!
8/16 c31 empiresofwater
I liked the mention of London road names! I’ve been to London only a couple of times and in a tiny part of it (museums only, I don’t like all that much else LOL!) so I don’t know how accurate it is, but the detail is great! I hope they find out about Daisy soon, and people stop getting in Delia’s way!
7/27 c30 empiresofwater
These ladies always seem to get mixed up with the wrong men LOL. Seems like all the threads are interweaving here with Lady Agatha and Mrs. Huddleston and Lady Violet. I really want to know what’s happened to Daisy as well - at least now Delia has got a location for her, she might be able to discover what’s happened to her friend. I quite liked Delia thinking that Lady Violet got what she deserved in all of this mix-up!
6/28 c29 empiresofwater
The growing mystery about Daisy is interesting! Hope they manage to find out what has happened to her. I can’t quite remember what the ‘Temple of Peace’ is from before, does seem a bit shadowy in what Lady Agatha is doing with it. Wish we could see Delia going along with her to something - the chapters seem to start *after* something has happened, and end when Lady Agatha has already gone off, leaving Delia behind! I almost want to see Lady Agatha’s version of the story!
4/21 c1 lloyd388
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4/12 c28 empiresofwater
Can’t wait to find out what is happening with Daisy! I do hope we get to see more of Delia’s ‘strong, determined’ side where she tries and finds out what is going on. Lady Agatha definitely could pull a few strings!
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